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The Coming Year…

31 Dec

Just remember that everything you do, does matter. The seemingly most insignificant actions, are ripples in time with infinite consequences…Make every moment count…try to see, to really see the beautiful, mysterious and amazing world we live in. Make your life what you want it to be…

Bloody New Year




Myth–The Human (Living Vampire) Experience

31 Dec

Myth–The Human (Living Vampire) Experience.

Far Beyond Love

31 Dec

Far Beyond Love.

Far Beyond Love

31 Dec

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2012
copyright 2012, By Devoted Blood

I have posted this poem, written by Devoted Blood to/about me, before. I find it so very beautiful (Yes, I am more than a little biased) that I wanted to share it again. I hope no one minds.
kissing vampire couple
Far Beyond Love

I waited alone, an eternity, heart and soul
hidden behind walls of my own making.
Wanting, needing…loving you and only you.
Who knew you were captured
by that rare, dark calling too.
Sometimes the impossible becomes possible…

Look at me Lamia, look with goddess eyes
where much pain and hatred have been cruelly mirrored.
As I see my reflection in those soulful brown pools
with only a whisper to separate,
I know without doubt the real you
recognizes the real me.
No fake images, no false words.
Only true unconditional love and devotion
never before known…

I know you my one and only,
I know you like no other.
I’ve read your life story,
a sorrowful recital etched in scar tissue.
Each a shattered piece of perfection, an ode of beauty;
the tale of a dark rose blooming.
My love and lips wash away all pain and doubt.
After but a taste,
I forever crave your ambrosial flavor…

You taught me how to be loved,
how to cry, how to want to live.
My precious dark angel of salvation,
you saved me from myself.
No matter what we face,
we face as one, eternally;
lost souls finding surcease together…

Thank you Dark Mother, thank you
for sharing your most beautiful of daughters.
My lone love,
broken wings could never keep us apart…


31 Dec

You Must Do Your Part…

30 Dec

What Is True, Is Enough

30 Dec

I don’t understand why people are always following spiritual pipe dreams. Why are people always making up lies about our world, why do people need for there to be something more, something elusive, something that cannot be proven…why is what really exists in our world not enough? Mother Nature has provided a mysterious, beautiful, and wondrous world for us, just as it really is.

For Christ sake…open your eyes and mind….enjoy what really is, I promise it’s better than your pipe dreams.

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