Life, Not Imaginary Karma, Is A Cunt…

27 Dec

Blue Witch

“Karma is a bitch.”
“What goes around comes around.”
“Everything happens for a reason.”
“I’m the master of my own destiny.”
“I’m in control of my own life, I decide how my life is going to be.”
“What you put out into the universe comes back to you 3 fold.”

First of all, my problem with Karma is that it doesn’t exist. Karma is a crutch for people who can’t accept that sometimes life is shitty. Bad things happen to good people that’s just the way it is. Not all people deserve to have horrible things happen to them. Nothing happens for a reason. Whose reason? God? The Universe? The stars? The Universal Continuum? The United Nations? Fred who lives next door? Who/what decides every little thing happens for a reason? Poppycock! Life just happens. And quite often, horrible people have nothing bad happen to them after they have abused and spewed their nastiness all over town. What master puppeteer is pulling those strings? My life is a perfect example that karma does NOT exist. After all the horror that I have been subjected to, since childhood, I do nothing but put out love, hope, education, and inspiration to the world. So, according to karma, starting when I was but a babe, I somehow deserve all the bad that has been done to me? You can’t pick and choose when karma is at work. Either it always exists, which means that its perfectly acceptable for that little 5 year old girl to be shot down and killed by a drive by gang shooting. I mean after all, karma is a bitch. Oh, there are rules, karma only works for adults? So, that young woman who works two jobs to put herself through school, to help make a better life for herself and her child ,a child she conceived after she was gang raped, is walking to one of her jobs one night and is brutally mugged, raped and beaten to death. Well, I guess that candy bar she stole when she was a 6 year old child was her fatal undoing, why?….because karma is a bitch, more like a cunt!No, karma and a destiny already decided and planned out for you by Fred your neighbor, the universe, your god, whatever, do not exist….in my world.

Yet, so many people say all of these phrases to themselves. Sometimes in the same breath! You cannot be the master of your own destiny, yet believe that karma is floating around giving good and bad back to people because of their choices in life. As well, you cannot believe that everything happens for a reason, that it was meant to be, if you are in control of your own life! Having something good or bad happen to you, and being smart enough to realize that you can take/learn something good and worthwhile from the situation, is not karma, it is someone evolving into something more than they just were before the event.

What brought this rant on, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I accidently tagged someone in a post yesterday. I apologized. I even explained why it happened and that I understand that person’s perspective and respect their request not to be tagged. In the past, I have conversed with that person on their page. Yet, instead of accepting my apology and acknowledging that they erred when they said I always tag them and never converse with them, my apology was completely ignored. So, I’m thinking to myself, I constantly treat people with love and respect, why would this person choose to be so nasty to me? I don’t deserve to be treated like that at all! It’s not karma, it’s not pre-ordained destiny, it is simply that life is full of nasty people and nasty, horrible events that happen to people who do nothing but try to help the universe and the many creatures that reside in it.

If you need a crutch, well, more power to you. I do not, never have. Still, I don’t understand how people can use all those phrases and not really give it any thought….

Not entirely sure why I was so affected by this today, but I was. Now it’s out of me.



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