My Letter To The Vampire Community

8 Jan

Go ahead, ignore this too, just like you do everything else that can possibly unlock the chains that your minds are bound with. I know, it’s too hard to have to actually be aware, to actually be awakened. It’s far easier to pretend that you are and hide behind your keyboard, fake fangs, books, and the herd…You know who you are.

Bloody Red Head Vamp

My Letter to the Vampire Community:

Truth cannot be trifled with. You cannot, must not, surrender it for security, for comfort…
The vital measure of a community is not its size but its spirit–that is its responsibility to educate its denizens of the facts based upon proven truths, fully, accurately and fairly.

In the community of which I was at the very beginning helping to build, there has been dropped upon utterance and thought a smoke screen of intimidation that dims essential thought and essential talk and begets a fog through which its members wander through uncertainly. Nor is it the superzealots (of which I am sure I am accused of being) who bother me so much in all this–it is the lack of plain old-fashioned guts on the part of those who capitulate to them.

There is more fear in this community than the facts warrant. Beset by doubt, deliberate lies, delusions, mob mentality, herd mentality, and the need to belong over the need for living actual truth, the community listens to those who seem to offer a cure, even though the medicine be more harmful than the disease. Once more I am met upon a battlefield testing whether this community or any other like-minded community can long endure all its delusions, fantasy’s, and deliberate lies, to become the shining darklight that I and others had intended, and sacrificed, for it to be.
~DarkRose (Julia Caples)
Copyright 2012


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