9 Jan

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2012
Copyright 2012, By DarkRose
Bloody face 3

What is this sound
And what this light,
Bringing an end
To sleep and waking up my precious night?

Whence this music?
Whose this flame?
Who wakes my flesh and spirit
To life again?

Who is it knocks,
Who would come in?
Oh, I know him still,
I know him well.
It is Darkness himself
My Lord, my desire,
My blood lust, my passion,
My fire.

Let me prepare
My flesh most fair
For his dark desires
Whose very flesh is on fire.

Unbolt the door
For he is here:
Now I lead him forth
To greet  his earth,
My flesh and soul.

Now my flaming Sire doth enter
Once again into his favorite earth’s chamber:
Liquid-red flames proclaim my crimson love,
Like a blossoming rose, I wake beneath his fervor,
Strong his sanguine light shines in amorous fever
Quick to win my ruby passion’s favor,
Fire to fire we cleave together,
Kindling the darklight, conceiving the raw truth,
Joined forever and forever,
Though the false fire of day returns
And those who would try to destroy what they
Cannot conceive, continue to try to put out our fire
Of passions dark wine.

Here at our marriage
Of blood and earth,
Drink to us both,
Drink to eternal health and youth.

Bride of darkness
and bridegroom of Blood
Bound together,
Bound to you too,
To one another

We are the darklight,
We are the earth,
Circles of red liquid fire,
Circles of spirit and of flesh.
Night is our marriage,
Night is our bed,
So in this night of nights
Our flesh and spirit are wed.
Joined forever and forever
In the liquid darkness.



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