11 Jan

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
Copyright 1/11/13, By DarkRose
Fire Angel

Dark angel,
You are the guardian…
You carry the burdens
The extreme sadness of heart
And the mysteries of Night.
You are the bridge, the balance and the sable voice
That reaches out through time eternal.

Watcher of the crimson Siren, tower of the darklight,
Tree of life’s fire, crest of unholy flight,
Eternal blooming flower, crown of flames,
Bloody apex,
You give my dark spirit a name.

Scarlet Darkness, my ruler, my lover,
Darkness my father, darkness my brother,
Where thou shinest as a black light from thy throne
Burn away my mortal bone,
Turn my flesh to breathless air,
Bid me rise to meet thee there:
Where my spirit shares thy reign
Nor fall to a mundane mortal life again.

Like the vapors freed from the hazy
Smoke of the Sun’s inferno,
I am drawn by the dark fire that
Embraces my cardinal spirit and flesh.
I rise above my frail and vulnerable compounds,
Seeking thy kingdom of your immortal ruby vineyard:
For am I not thine heir,
Am I not thy most beautiful and faithful of your daughters?
Fathered upon earth by thy sanguine lust?
Am I not fire of thy fire
Kindled in the same universal dark?
Wherefore then should I not rise in this world, with thee,
To stand upon thy shoulders, lifting me up higher than
I could be,
Where all things stand immortal,
Where every dark heart and spirit burns eternal?
And lo, I am winged with the wings of thy fathers darkness,
Sprung from earth
As thy darklight fathering rays have called me forth:
Lo, on the flames of blood have I aspired toward thee,
And on the wings of night, now I rise,
On thy wings who are my father of all things:
Thy winged sphere your kingdom,
Whither I ascend,
Where I shall find my immortality
Beyond space and time:
The dark fires of thy face and the fires of thy name
Shall be my own transfiguration and redemption.

Sweet fire of my spirit,
Red elixir of my flesh and bone,
Fill me and preserve me
While we burn as one…

The craving surpasses even desires of my flesh,
A moan, barely suppressed,
As I rise gracefully and step away from,
The world of light and lies,
Providing my father, Azazyel,
With an unhindered view of my hunger.
Dark,dark nipples pouting in sultry beckoning,
Urging the lord of dark angels,
To kneel before me and take them into his mouth.
To bite and suck and lick until the evidence of my dark arousal,
Flows freely between my inner thighs, until my scent of
Life and blood and spirit,
Force my father to place his lips upon
My smooth, heated mound, and lap and thrust with his
heated tongue before raping me with his Daemon’s cock
Of raw and endarkened truth.

My dearest Azazyel,
I bow before no man, nor woman,
My spirit to yours, we are one,
I crave the binding of my life and ethereal essence,
With the same desperate need to drink
From the crimson well of the herd.
Please, I beg of you,
Do not make love to me,
No, fuck me, hard and brutal,
Leave me quaking in your wake.
To you father of the Watchers, I bow…

You have filled my body and soul
With the dark and beautiful truth,
You have set me free upon the mortal world…

With your guidance and true love,
I now let loose
Pandaemonium on Earth…
Thou shalt then live always.
Your darkness shall give me eternal life.
By your great fire,
You have crowned and adored me, your daughter,
Never more dancing in the tomb,
Or laughing in the grave.
I now dance the dance of life.

The erotic purity of blood and life
Have always been and will always be mine.

The lore…
The Watchers
The Watchers are responsible for bringing forth the teaching of black magick. Black magick is transformation through destruction, and gaining wisdom and endarkment by transversing the regions of darkness. The Watchers are also the instructors of demonic magick. the practice of black or demonic magick is the descent into the natural state of chaos, darkness and the Underworld. These angels did not fall, they descended and they are the keepers of the mysteries of the Underworld. They lead us to rebirth through darkness and destruction.

The Watchers were known by many names; Bene ha Elohim/b’nai Elohim (sons of god) and Grigori to name a couple. according to the Book of Enoch, they were the angels who fell because they had sex with mortal women.

Demon, Fallen Angel, Chief of the Watchers.
AKA–Azazyel, Azaziel, Asiel, Aziel, As’el, Asael.
Azazel is an initiator, guardian and guide; teacher of dark wisdom, black magick and leads the faithful to the power of the dark sun.

Azazel was known as the chief of the se’irim; the se’irim are goat demons which were thought to haunt desert places and to whom ancient Semetic tribes would offer sacrifices. also known in mythology as Iblis (despair): an Islamic devil, the father of the Sheitans. Before his ‘fall,’ he was known as Azazel, he refused to worship Adam and thus became the father of devils. Azazel was also considered to be the father of the Jinn-El Harith. the Jinn were beings which inhabited the earth before men.

Lore states that the angel Raphael had Azazel chained, bound and then thrown into an opening in the desert, over which boulders were placed, and his face was covered so that he would remain in darkness. He was punished for teaching the secrets of heaven to mankind, as well as for the Watchers taking human wives and all sin was ascribed to him.

The names of Azazel, Satan, Mastema, etc. are interchangeable at particular points in history in the fact that each held the position of ‘the devil,’ or the concept of the devil depending upon geography, culture and mythology.

Music and musicians are ruled by Azazel. Azazel also taught the art of beautifying with makeup and ornaments; taught weapon making-swords, knives, shields, breast plates, and taught the properties of all metals of the earth.

~End Lore


5 Responses to “Azazyel”

  1. Serenity January 11, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

    Is this not a demon? Plz correct me if I am wrong I thought I had heard at one time. ???


    • ladydarkrose1 January 11, 2013 at 6:56 pm #

      Serenity, I included a very brief history of the lore and mythology
      of Azazel. Isn’t it at the end of my prose?


      • Serenity January 11, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

        Oh my goodness… I need another cup of coffee or just need to go back to bed. You did indeed. Why did it not clique in my brain? I am so sorry, dear. I don’t know about me some days lol… plz forgive the momentary lapse of, well, whatever you want to can it. Your post does better explain the rudimentary knowledge I had on this subject. Thank you and I hope and pray you are not mad about my oversight… ♡


      • ladydarkrose1 January 11, 2013 at 8:05 pm #

        No need to apologize Serenity. I was just concerned that the brief lore that I wrote to accompany my prose hadn’t posted. No worries.


      • Serenity January 11, 2013 at 8:37 pm #

        No, it is all good. I have yet to see any errors in your posts. Not that I go looking for them :-). I trust that you always proof read them to a tee before posting them and make sure there is not a hair out of place, as I do. Another trait of a seasoned writer. I do enjoy reading them, whether they apply to me or I agree with them, I still read them because I don’t just enjoy your style of writing and the passion and the beauty. Nothing more, nothing less. It is the ♡ of your writing that really strikes a cord within my being. Plz don’t ever stop, dear. 🙂


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