The Viper’s Tongue

14 Jan

Blood Rose


Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
Copyright 1/14/13, By DarkRose

The Viper’s Tongue

Oh, that viper tongue that doth tempt and soothe the brain with its lies and delusions.
That diseased tongue shall rise and wind its glittering coils
About your feverish fears again and again,
You look into their ‘clear’ hypnotic eyes;
Oh how they ‘confess’ their power firmly and without fail.
How they will turn on you and tease, how they will
Charm you with that false wit and wisdom, under their will
To consume and dominate, to bind you with their filth.

May you, my dears, stare them down and hold them still:
Breathe back out their contagion,
Slice off their liars tongue,
Stuff it down their cancerous throat,
Be fearless and bathe them in the erotic purity
Of the truth:

“Knowledge I have
While thou hast none,
I can make songs
Beyond thy tongue;
All of thy offerings
Are now first mine:
I keep my spirit
And need not thine.
I am truth,
I fly freely through the air,
Horns of velvet. Feathers many,
Pure and essential as water,
Red as flame-
Shed thy blood
And sign my name.”


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