When An Angel Speaks

15 Jan
Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013

By Devoted Blood, 1/15/13


When An Angel Speaks

Spoken with intelligence and a voice exquisite as a sacred lovers embrace, words on this page are of experience, witnessed truths, freely given honesty and dark guidance.
Immured within, a story. A true story of life told by lamentations and suffering, of pain and Passion, memories, mistakes, victories and losses. An aria of physical and emotional scars …the beginning of a “community”.
For so long deceivers have planted their seeds and laid their eggs. For some of you, that’s all you have ever known. No more. An enigma in an untrue abyss, a lobe dark angel of salvation stands, showing you things thinly veiled that open eyes don’t always see. Open your mind and tear the veil. One by one false candles will extinguish leaving only true darkness. True blessed and bloody darkness.
Listen to these hard won, sacrificed for words, given to you from life’s experience and scars …not interpretations of vague books written and rewritten to keep up with changing times.
Are your thoughts and ideals what you believe or what someone else wants you to believe? Do you delude yourself so you can belong? Everyone wants to be part of something. Do you want to be a “vampire” so bad that you will blindly follow a changed and rearranged concept and definition? Look into your own eyes and admit what you truly see, apathetic mirrors tell no tales. You may see something rarely told but has always been conveniently hidden inside …TRUTH.
Here on the Journals pages all are welcome to speak their mind, share their beliefs, and most certainly agree or disagree with anything said. We just ask that you read and give serious thought about what is being said from one of the absolute original creators of this so called community. Absorb the words and tales of this beautiful Dark Angel who was at the forefront of the fight for many years, and intimately entwined with all the “hidden” actions most know little or nothing about.
I assure you that no amount of harassment and petty reporting to the the Facebook gods will keep the truth from being told. Be strong and make up your own mind…

~By Devoted Blood, 1/15/13



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