What Do You Choose?

16 Jan



A person is the origin of their actions. Words are important, and can cause change, incite beauty, and teach. However, you cannot have a proud and chivalrous spirit if your conduct is mean, deceitful, deceptive, and paltry; for whatever a person’s actions are, such must be their true spirit. Never has a person who has bent themselves been able to help make others “straight.”

I decline to buy my honor, my chivalrous and valiant spirit, with false words and actions. I choose to courageously live wild and free and true, to fight always against those who would oppress others with their lies and deceitfulness.

I share these truths with you, not to sing my own praises (as many might have you think) but to encourage you to break free from your chains and live your life in true freedom, if you so desire.

What do you choose?


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