“Bless You My Child.” Are You Talking To Me?

17 Jan

Julia and Sword


I don’t need to be, nor can I truly be blessed by anyone (be it an average person, a “deity”, or the Buddha) but myself. Only I have the power within to bless myself….So, I bless the unholy fuck out of myself everyday!!!

I’m of course, not speaking about knowing that you are blessed by a certain circumstance or having  certain people in your life.

But really, how dare you, whomever you are, try to bless me! You DO NOT have that power! Only I have the power, from within, to bless myself. I am my best blessing!

Here is a photograph of me having a real good time with a very real and sharp sword!  Ah, sword play, literally, have you ever done it? Perhaps others don’t see how blessed I am, but I sure as hell do! And truly, that is all that matters.

My life is fucking hard, painful, horror filled, beautiful, awesome, and I am blessed!



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