Sanguine Sanctity

22 Jan

Bloody Kissing CoupleProperty of The DarkRose Journal, 2013

Copyright 1/21/13, By Devoted Blood

This beautiful poem was written by my husband about me and our beyond beautiful relationship based on reality and truth.

Sanguine Sanctity

In the eyes of others a vile soul,
I find only beauty and truth.
Do we not all consume to survive?
Crawl into my accepting arms,
tremble not from fear and exhaustion
but from eternal comfort.
A haven from any and all
that would hunt or harm you…

we feast upon one another,
each the others favored dish.
Joined in savage embrace,
forgotten animal instincts
overcome civilized trappings…

Brutal, flawless, punishing…

With a blades stinging,
serrated caress we merge.
Hungry bodies writhe,
bleeding, blending to one.
Ribbons of essence
join bruised and battered,
subdued and sated,
unconditional loved souls to one.
Sticky crimson lips embrace…

A bond of blood knows no bounds…


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