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Aborted By The Light

26 Feb

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
By: DarkRose, 2/24/13

Before anyone honors me with reading my newest prose (written very quickly at a rest stop off the interstate, lol), please be aware that this prose is written in layers. What will seem like the obvious subject of this piece (to most people) is not what it is really about. And on that note, I would NEVER judge a woman on what she feels she needs to do with her own body and life. Thank you.
Sad Angel Child
Aborted By the Light

Tell me, how does it feel
My daylight child to be unborn?
What can you see through your god’s eyes,
And is he on your side?
How does it feel my human child
To be unborn?

The caged brood are able to kill without regret.
To so easily kill and forget,
Able to kill even their unborn and not mourn,
Oh children of the daylight fire,
You throw your fetuses to the floor,
Just waste, just flesh,
No, nothing more…
Just a meal for an alley cat,
Or a hungry dog, or a sewer rat…
Then you go on without regret,
You just go on…

How does it feel my human child
To be unborn,
So pure, pristine, and a virgin
To the evils of your religious word,
Would you believe that your holy man
Can call you a sinner on your birth day?
How does it feel my ‘sinner’ child
To be unborn?
You, the daylight herd sees life
As a terminal disease,
You believe that death is your only guarantee.
You kill yourselves trying to find a cure,
And you go on..

You quietly pray to your god
To save you from the truth,
To blind your soul,
You pray to your god,
“Please never show my true face.”
You come to this world asleep,
You pray for your Lord,
Your soul to keep,
Then you’ll go on without regret…

You never knew you were gone,
You never even really
Knew you were here at all…

You rape, kill, and abuse
Out of your misplaced fear…
And still,
You go on without regret…

How does it feel my child of the false light
To be stillborn,
To never see all the wondrous things
Of our world that for you will never be…
Are you saved by death
Or are you just an early casualty?
You’ve taken needless, make-believe pain
For so long,
When it’s gone,
You think something’s wrong,
Then you bring it back again…

You silently mouth,
You don’t want your child to see
You this way,
Lost in your life of disarray,
So you throw your fetuses to the floor,
Choosing to remember nothing more…

But it doesn’t really equate
Just another bloody mess
In the hands of your imagined fate,
Oh my, no…

You and the rest of the children have been aborted
By the Light.



Darkness Is Dawning

23 Feb


Before our weekend commences (mine and Devoted Blood), I wanted to briefly inform everyone that next week will be pretty quiet on the DRJ and on WordPress.

That big platform I mentioned last week, is happening next week. Let me tell you, it is unlike anything that has ever been done about living vampirism…FINALLY, THE TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED! Those who care to understand The Tribes of the Moon, will be thoroughly educated!

I’ll be back after the first phase of this project is completed…it’s going to be unbelievable.

A new world of beautiful darkness is dawning…


Pure Dark-Joy

23 Feb


For me, the goal is not to be beautiful, revered, or to be put on a pedestal. It is pure, dark joy-to feel healthy and strong and personally powerful (within myself not over others) and useful and fulfilled and intelligent and in true deep, dark-love. It’s about creating joy within that reaches outward to my children, my family(blood and spiritual), and friends.

I have reached my goal, there is such sweet dark-joy in my life now.

I will only from this moment forward, reach higher than myself, become better than I already am or even know that I can be.

I am pure dark-joy.


A Dark And Beautiful Ado…

22 Feb

Raven Angel

Good afternoon to some and Good Evening to others!

I just want to let everyone know that The DRJ Facebook page and Blog, as well as my personal blog (LadyDarkRose1) will probably be a bit quiet over this weekend. My husband (Devoted Blood) and I, will be spending the weekend together, out of town. I assure you, cell phones, computers and social media, will be the last things on our minds.

With this quick little post, I bid all my friends, family and DRJ patrons, fellow bloggers and Blog followers,  a very happy and beautifully dark, ado…


Ravens Kiss

21 Feb

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
By: DarkRose 2/21/13
Ravens Kiss

The midnight whisper of my seraphic hands
Opens the veil of your being,
Clothes you in a further nudity,
Uncovers the bodies of your body,
The truth of my velvety salvation
Invents another essence for you flesh…

Oh, I am the Eternal Feminine…
When it is time,
I will come to you
And sit upon your lap,
Revealing to you, a fallen angel,
And what I do.

I will be far darker than they,
those angels of the day,
Creating us joy that becomes
A twisted crimson curve;
With seductive pale feet,
I prance up your arduous ascension,
Damned by your Almighty Creator of puppets,
I’ve fallen, hard and bloody,
From your idols imaginary grace.
I will prepare you to
Laugh! Sing! Cry!
To be truly loved!
And to die for love,
Oh how we will…
in our spare time.

Never more, my love, will you
know of stagnation…

Pensively you enshrine me with your embrace
And prize me above all others
As your raven mistress,
Your rubescent flesh,
Your virgin and whore…
Savage, unholy and beautiful,
You have now found your heart…

I am your female to your male,
Your muse,
And when the poet in you bells:
Amore! Flame of my desire! Passion of my heart!
Ah, then when you snore softly and peacefully…
I shall come kiss you upon your sweet cheek,
My love sick conqueror!


Ballad Of A Vampire Whore

20 Feb

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
By: DarkRose, 2/19/13

This little prose was inspired by a recent vile comment left for me on WordPress, among other nasty things, I was called a glamour vampire slut. This little diddy is for you, the author of what you thought would hurt me. Instead it has inspired me. Thank you.
Whore-Fallen Angel
Ballad Of A Vampire Whore

‘ ‘Tis no evil for a man to labour in his vocation.’
‘The sweet night cometh, when no man should work.’What though the dark beauty I love and serve be cheap,
Ought you to take me for a beast or fool?
All things a man could wish are in her crimson keep;
For her I turn swashbuckler in the Midnight Hour of love’s school.
When folk drop in, I take my pot and stool
And fall to drinking with no more ado.
I fetch them bread, fruit, cheese, and water, too;
I say all’s right so long as I’m well paid;
‘Look in again when your flesh troubles you,
Inside this Devil’s Brothel where we drive our trade.’

But soon the Dark One’s among us flesh and fell,
When penniless to bed comes Victoria my whore;
I loathe the very sight of her like hell.
I snatch gown, girdle, surcoat, all she wore,
And tell her, these shall stand against her score.
She grips her bone-white hips with both hands, cursing my God,
Swearing by Jesus’ body, bones, and blood,
That they shall not. Then I, no whit dismayed,
Cross myself with some stray shiver of a wooden crucifix,
Inside this brothel where we drive our trade.

When all’s up she drops me a windy word,
Bloat like a beetle puffed and poisonous:
Grins, thumps my cob-webbed belfry, and calls me dickey-bird,And cuffs me with a fist that’s ponderous.
We sleep like the dead, being drunken both of us, me on whiskey and her on my blood;
Then when we wake her womb begins to stir;
To save her dark seed she gets me under her
Wheezing and whining, flat as planks are laid:
And thus she spoils me for a whoremonger
Inside this brothel where we drive our trade.

I bequeath likewise to the ethereal Victoria
This little song to learn and study;
By God’s head she’s a sweet plump lady,
Devout and soft of flesh and ruddy;
I love her with my soul and body,
So doth she me, sweet dainty thing.
If you fall in love with a vampire whore,
Read it, and give it to her to sing.


Liars Glory, Evil Ghosts, and Putrid Ghouls…

18 Feb

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
By: DarkRose 2/18/13

*Before you honor me by reading my latest prose, I just need to forewarn you that it is filled with cryptic jabs at those false prophets that have pilfered your spirits, heart, minds, and pocket books, for far too long! The truth should be free. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t understand the cryptic words, just as long as you enjoy the prose.
Liars Glory, Evil Ghosts, and Putrid Ghouls:
I’m Coming For You

Now earth is earth
And earth is air
And earth is water
And earth is fire:
Let all go into thee
And all be thine
Let all arise from thee
And then be mine…

Oh luminous halo,
Crescent be full
And crystal fill:
Thus my eye,
My spirit and my heart,
And thus my will…

Scarab of the golden orb
Sweet death is now yours
New life has begun…

With oak I lead
That ash may follow
Also alder
Elm and willow
Cedar and locust
Hickory, larch,
Walnut, chestnut
Poplar, birch,
Beech and maple
Fir and pine:
All these powers
so be mine.

The dimness be lightened
The harsh be softened
The rank be sweetened
By the power of my divine…

North, South, East, West…
Spider’s web shall bind
The charlatans best.
East, West, north, South…
Hold their limbs and stop
Their mouth
Seal their eyes and
Choke their breath
Wrap them round withRopes of the true death.

White of bone
Dark of shade
Of dust snd night
Spiritual death is made,
Death myself
Death my peer,
What I hold
I do not fear.
So bone to flesh
And sun to shadow
Death my dear
I give thee life,
To dissolve the false darkness
And the corrupted Light…

Bone to flesh
Shadow reborn
As death is mine,
It bears me life,
And confounds the deceptive hordes.

Flesh of Ebon Light
Born of death and Darkness,
Give my will
Thy life and breath
Whither dryAnd shrink to dust
My heart and spirit
Shall feed upon
Their lying crust.
Oh you faithless,
Deceptive breed,
Your flight is now stayed
Your false wings bound,
Our cloud of fire
Cast thee back into the ground…

My spirit is a darkfire.
My spirit is eternal.
My spirit is one spirit–
The spirit of the Tribes of the Moon,
And our spirit holds the fire of the Cosmos.
Breathe here and now with me,
And so shall the Cosmos breathe,
And of our own breath
Shall the Cosmos be made anew.


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