Lady In Black

1 Feb

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
Written by, Devoted Blood (Sometime in the early 90’s)

Yet, another poem written for me/about me, by my husband, Devoted Blood.   Yes, I am biased. However, his poetry is worth a minute of your time, I assure you.


Bloody Vampire Lady

Lady In Black

Just look at her-
Milady Midnight,
Slowly stripping away
velvet and lace
to fall from her fingertips
and rest upon the forest’s floor.
She dances unto the moon
silently absorbing
the satin razor rays.

Why do you call me so,
reminding me of dead soul laments,
screaming for one chance
at a second life?

She beckons me
with but a single finger,
as if I am nothing to her
except an initiate
to the temptation of flesh.

Giving herself pleasure,crystal juices shine,
reflecting the moon-glow.

I become to aroused to speak.

I have unknowingly been seduced
and prepared for domination once again.
I scream in pleasure,
I scream in pain.



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