The Tarot Revealed

1 Feb

I meant to write this yesterday and post it (on Facebook) along side my Tarot query. I hope the following explanation of the Tarot will be helpful for those who are in need of a deeper understanding of what Tarot is and how it actually works.
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The Tarot Revealed

The tarot cards are a collection of symbols presented through an ancient pack of 78 cards which have no proven historical beginning. For centuries they have been surrounded with a mystique which many believed only the initiated or blessed were able or meant to interpret, yet this is not the truth at all. Who originally created these cards cannot be discovered by even our most gifted historians and their origins are disputed in many schools of thought. Be they a gift from the gods, or a creation of man matters not, as long as their true value to us all is appreciated. For too long they have been misused and misrepresented by the few that have attempted to solve their mysterious origins, who played on the superstitions of those less informed. I hope this little article will assist in the changing of this situation.

Everyone who breathes upon this earth is a part of the symbolism within the tarot and everyone who learns to look at the cards with the correct perspective could become the so-called expert. All you need is the patience and application of any child studying maths or English at school. The human psychic or sixth sense (not the movie) is alive in us all, was given freely at birth (by the universe) and awaits only our application of its energies to be of use to us. The symbolic pictures and meanings of the cards, which seem to awaken that latent ability within us is not open for discussion within this article. What I hope to accomplish is the right perspective with which you view and thereafter utilize that psychic ability.

What you should look for when choosing a Tarot Deck. Firstly, that they are fully symbolically illustrated. In other words the messages in the cards are in picture form. Secondly, that they are ‘colorgenisised’.  That is to say that the arrangement of colors within the cards is within the scope of modern color psychology. So,you have now found a deck that is properly illustrated and colored with faces and figures which relate to today’s world, rather than to our medieval past.  Tarot cards should properly be described as a book of symbolic pictures which deal with all the events and eventualities that could occur in one’s life. They awaken within you knowledge about yourself or those around you that perhaps before went unnoticed, yet when laid before you (kind of like a crime investigation photo layout) in a pattern selected at random form a picture of those circumstances that you can then recognize. The pictures attune you to your own subconscious reasoning or intuition. Inspired as you now may be to read on, remember that a study of the tarot in this manner is designed to alter the way it has been perceived in the past by experienced students of the tarot, or to set a correct perspective for those just beginning to find an interest. The human psychic sense is based upon the imaginative abilities possessed by us all. It develops in response to our social behavior patterns, in response to the toys we played with and the environments in which we are raised. A study of the book of tarot as a pack of cards used for divination relies heavily upon this imaginative interpretations of the same energies within the individual cards, each individual firmly convinced that they are correct in their own interpretation. Each is correct in their own way. What they have failed to achieve that we attempt now is the ability to awaken your own individual imaginative psychic energy and apply this to the energy of the symbolism of different cards in relation to your own circumstances. The meanings for your cards are therefore your own imaginative interpretation, conditioned by your own social upbringing. Your background and experience will be different from mine or anyone else. The point, however is that you should follow the same methods of application.
I hope that by showing you how I arrived at my own conclusions you may awaken the insight you were born with, which can thereafter be utilized in many areas of your life and not just in interpreting the tarot cards.



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  1. cjriordan February 1, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

    I have not read my tarot in far too long. Great post.


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