I Don’t Need No Stickin’ Safe Word!

4 Feb


Reality, as in real life, not role playing or fantasy life, does NOT have a “safe word!”

You must choose.  I have always chosen reality, and all the real pain. Life is hard, it will leave you scarred and bruised. It will tear your wings away. It will (if you allow it)  teach you how to fly with your heart, mind/spirit. No fantasy wings required.

Or, you can wear a mask, play a role, be a character that is not the true you. You can choose a life of role playing and have your “safe word” when life gets too hard and real.

Your choice…

What’s your poison?

I don’t need no stickin’ “safe word!”

Come on universe, hit me with your best shot, fire away (thank you Pat B)! You think all you’ve thrown at me can wear down my spirit, make me curl up into a ball and stop living?  Oh my dear universe, you have met your match. My dark father personally breathed his life into me…
you are no match for me!



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