4 Feb

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
Copyright 2/4/13, By DarkRose
Girls Kissing

After hot loveless nights, when cold winds stream
Sprinkling the frost and dew, before the inky light,
Bored with the foolish things that sanguine girls must dream
Because their beds are empty of rubied dark delight,

The two sisters, one a beauty with strands of midnight and one of golden fire, rise and strip.
Out from the night
Their horses run to their low-whistled pleas-
Vast phantom shapes with eyeballs rolling white
That sneeze a fiery stream about their knees:

Through the crisp manes their stealthy prowling hands,
Stronger than curbs, in slow caresses rove,
They gallop down across the milk-white sands
And wade far out into the sleeping cove:

The frost stings sweetly with a burning crimson kiss
As intimate as true love, as cold as death:
Their lips, whereon delicious tremors hiss,
Fume with the ghostly pollen of their copper breath.

Far out on the grey silence of the flood
They watch the dawn as smouldering gyres expand
Beyond them; and the day burns through their blood
Like a white candle through a quivering hand.


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