I Am A Beast…

5 Feb



I simply eat the way nature intended for me to eat. I am what the dark Mother made me. There is a food chain, created from nature’s vast wisdom, I adhere to that food chain. The spider must eat the fly, if the spider did not eat the fly, oh my, oh my! Our Mother, our Earth, would be in even worse shape than she is now due to so many of her children thinking that they know better than she….I hunt, I kill, I eat, I waste nothing. Every part of an animal or a plant is sacred and I give thanks to the Mother for allowing me to be what she hath made and for knowing what to do with what she hath made of me and our Earth. We all devour to survive. Eating only plants does not make you more aware or kinder or wiser by any stretch of the imagination or deluded consciousness. For our Mother to heal, we all need to adhere to the food chain that she created for us. Food allergies and health problems aside (which have been created by man’s inability to adhere to the wisdom of our Mother), eating to live, not living to eat, as well, only eating when hungry, only drinking when thirsty, only devouring when required for survival, is how Nature intended for us to live and to keep Earth in balanced harmony.

I have absolutely NO health problems. I barely age. I have unreal amounts of energy, all the time. I have bi-polar disorder, yet I do not take any medications for it. I almost always am able to feel the onset of the chemical changes inside my brain and I, not drugs, correct the chemical imbalance and stop any bi-polar episode from happening (yeah, fuck you doctors who told me that I will always have to be medicated, bi-polar cannot be managed without drugs! You were so wrong. But then, you never met the likes of me!). I do not smoke, drink alcohol, I have never used drugs and I have minimal time in the almighty sun. I do not sit on the couch and watch TV and eat. I walk most places, even now that I have a car again. I will always prefer to have unholy bestial sex with my husband than eat, drink, watch movies/TV, or do anything else.

My point is, that I live according to how my dark Mother intended for all her children to live. I am living proof that adhering to Nature’s wisdom is best for not only yourself but for our world.

Hell yes! I eat animals! I eat a lot of things that are beneath me on the food chain! I am what I am. I am the beast that Nature made me.To live any other way except the way the Dark Mother intended for me to live, would be dishonorable to our Mother and beyond ignorant. I love all animals. No, I do not approve of how many animals are being tortured just so people can eat meat. It is not okay. But then, I don’t get my meat from the store. I do NOT support the torture of animals! However, I do hunt, kill, and eat animals. I am eternally thankful for their sacrifice so that I may continue to live….



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