Sentimental Scar

5 Feb

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
Copyright 2/4/13, By Devoted Blood

My husband, Devoted Blood, wrote this for me. It is about our precious time together.


Just a little something I wrote after being with my lovely wife this morning…

Bloody Kiss 1

Sentimental Scar

Come, come to me my love,
shedding cloth skin
we withdraw to our shadows,
renegades to all but ourselves.
Show me the mark,
tell me the tale hidden well within.
Once, he thought you his,
but now you are forever mine
…easily grown tissue covers sorrow trapped inside…

A small scar,
one deep serrated caress
made long ago is reopened.
Emotion and blood flow,
cleansing the memory.
From chest to breast,
streams of you snake,
falling, splashing,
pieces of life and love cover me,
break into fragments of themselves
…I claim the scar as mine…

Joined in savage embrace,
Sharp polished spurs dig in,
your nails drive me deeper, harder.
Gnawing, gnashing; moaning, groaning; growling, howling
…the Beasts heart beats within us, released to feast on starved flesh…
Our dark radiance shares demands, unrelenting demands to be conquered again and again by the others appetite.
Exquisite to the point of pain
we destroy ourselves to destroy each other…a welcoming surrender to the hunger…

Lost together forever,
on shattered wings we plunge into depths of sexual abyss.
Gasping and grasping,
blood, sweat, and cum –
salty waves lapping at
skin shores;
cover and complete us
…a coalescing of essence making us one…

Wet kisses, wild tongues,
we taste and consume
the sticky mixture of us
…the Beasts heart beats again…
…and again…



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