Dark Angel, To Some…

7 Feb


On more then one occasion, a few people who think they know me oh so very well, have tried to educate me about myself.

I have been told that since I have survived unimaginable horrors, that I live when clearly I should be dead, that I saved myself from the clutches of human “evil” when most people can’t even find their way out of their own city without a GPS…I have a savior complex.

I’ve been told that since no one bothered to even try to save me (nor could they, we can only save ourselves), that I need to save everyone, that I need to save the world.

Well, ex-friends, and anyone else who might have the same thought about me (of course, I’m assuming a great deal, truly that anyone even has thoughts of me, lol), how do you know I can’t help save the world, by helping one person at a time to evolve and become their truest and best selves, which in turn help our world evolve and become its best self?

Really, just because you can’t see past your own poorly decorated walls, just because you can’t even fathom a larger picture, don’t try to tear me down with your lack of vision and your mundane apathy.

I can choose to believe that I’m some kind of dark angel guide if I want to. How the hell is what I believe my purpose in life to be, affecting you in any sort of way!?!

Go fix yourselves and leave me the fuck alone!

I am a dark angel! End of the story, at least for you.

Bye, bye, now.



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