Snow White, The Nymph

8 Feb


For many, the allure of Snow-White is an enigma. For me, not so much. If you are able to read the earliest versions of the Snow-White tale (Before the popular Grimm’s version), it is crystal coffin clear, at least it is for me, that my name sake, my Snow, is a Nymph, a Nature deity, spoken of often in Greek and other European myth!

Snow-White fits every circumstance of a Nymph. She is unthinkably beautiful and looks exactly the way each character wishes her to look. She is a girl white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as 3 ravens (3, which is prominent in her tales, is a magical wish number).

The term Nymph comes from a Greek work meaning a rose that is blooming, likening the rose to the blush of a maiden’s cheek (Snow White’s cheeks and lips are as red as blood), and the bloom of the rose to the shape of a woman’s vaginal lips. Innocence and sexual allure rolled into one divinely beautiful creature.

Snow White is a Nymph in every respect. She has certain virtuous qualities. Her goodness is partly reflected in her name. But she is  also sexual, sensual, wanton, and seductive.

Oh my, I have a sensual, bloody, dark erotic short story, based on my Snow White, brewing right now in the depths of my ebon heart….would anyone like to read it when its finished?



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