Go, In Darkness

11 Feb

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
By DarkRose, 2013
Blood Moon Angel
Go, In Darkness

Happy our early days,
When we shined in our
Dark angel-infancy,
Before we understood this world.

Oh, my darling night!
There is in your children,
A deep and dazzling dark light!
Through all our fleshly desires
Glittering streams of truth and everlastingness
Reach our spirits,
Our eye dazzles at it, as at eternity…

We see every night,
The blood moon,
Every night we glimpse forever,
We see it like a great ring of pure
and endless darklight.

In our darkness,
All is chaotically calm, as it is midnight bright;
And round beneath it,
Time in hours, days, years,
Driven by the universal spheres,
Like a vast shadow moved;
in which the world
And all her beauty were hurled
Into our ebon hearts.

We watch the others walking
On their air of false grace and glory,
Whose light doth try to trample on our
precious nights.
Their days, which are at best
but dull and pointless,
Filled with brightly lit decay…

My brethren, I cannot send you alone into
the world of false light, whilst I sit here
basking in the glittering night,
Without placing a bloody kiss
Upon your dewy smooth cheek,
And a sword bathed
In the blood of false angels,
Into your fearless hands…

Go my family, the tribe of the blood moon
And do what we do best…

Hunt, devour, teach, bring change, give without ego,
And love with the fierce, unquenchable,
Dark fire of our nighttime world.



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