Dear Vampire Community

12 Feb

Dark Moon Angel

For those people in the Vampire Community who believe that they have any real power, who have done nothing but lie, brainwash, delude, profit off of their deceptions…I have a short message for you:

You have all the characteristics of a popular politician: a horrible voice, bad breeding, and a vulgar manner.

How dare you push your bullshit down people’s throats as if it is based in any sort of truth or reality! This is what extremely grieves me, that you, who has never fought, been in battle, has no war wounds, should contrive to make money off of us, to pilfer our spirits and hearts with that which you know not, with that which you have never even experienced. Never to this day had lance or sword, or blisters in your hand!

How fucking dare you lie to us! How fucking dare you pretend to be something you are mot, something you have no real clue about! How dare you make up complete bullshit and try to pass it off as ancient teachings or a path based on true spirituality of the real darkness, when you have no fucking idea about anything, you can’t even find your way through the darkness without a candle because you have no inner darklight of your own! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!Your false words are not only ‘evil’ in themselves, but they infect the spirit with ‘evil.’

It’s true, if all people were just, there would be no need for valor. You are the origin of your actions! Your actions are vile and unjust. You may not speak of being a warrior, of fighting against the daylight world, of having to battle the mundane in order for “our kind” to live freely in our nighttime world. No, you may not! Only those of us who have truly been out there fighting, only those of us who have actual battle scars and carry the sword of truth in our blistered and bleeding hands, may speak for our tribe of the moon!

Your “Rule” of bullshit and deceit is fucking over!



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  1. Waywardspirit February 12, 2013 at 6:32 pm #



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