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Modern Names and Identities

31 Mar

Just a little information. I don’t want anyone thinking that I labeled my own people incorrectly…
Indians Protesting
Modern Names and Identities

The term “Indian” derives from Columbus’s famous blunder in mistaking for Asians the aboriginal Americans whom he encountered. As a name applied to the diversity of Native peoples, it still symbolizes for some a lack of understanding. To redress this wrong, at least symbolically, there are now a number of alternative names: Native Americans, Native Canadians, Native North Americans, aboriginal people, Native people and First Nations people. However, these names are largely used by officialdom and non-Native society. Most Native people, sensitive to their own specific identities, prefer to use tribal names, and many also freely call themselves Indians.



The Power of Kinship

31 Mar

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013

The Power of Kinship
Warrior with wolf
For many Indian people, kinship was the key to the stability, integrity and survival of the community. For example, to be a nephew or a daughter was to possess a distinct role with well-defined rights and obligations to others. Those who came to villages as strangers-even if they were white captives-were often adopted as “cousins” or “brothers”, which made their social position unambiguous and kept the integrity of the group intact.

A particular important role in society is played by elders. Traditionally, most child-rearing was done by grandparents, because it was considered that parents were too busy with daily life and did not yet possess enough accumulated wisdom to pass on to their children. Elders were, and are, the source of nurture and moral training, and, as storytellers, they are the repository of a people’s mythological and spiritual inheritance. The older generation, above all, is responsible for handing down the sacred traditions of a community.

Because Indian peoples often see their communities as an extension of the spirit-rich natural world, animals play a major part in Native American mythology and are believed to possess a close kinship with humans. In ancient times, it is said, before some break occurred that fixed them in their present identities, people and animals were indistinguishable and could change appearance at will. Tricksters frequently appear in the form of animals to provide their human neighbours with valuable moral lessons. There are also numerous myths of marriages between humans and beasts. For example, in Alaska, the Aleut creation story relates how the first man and woman came down from the sky and had a son who played with a stone that became an island. another of their sons and a female dog were then placed on the island and set afloat. This became Kodiak Island, and the Kodiak people who inhabit it believe they are the descendants of that son and his dog-wife.

Call of the Clans

Many Native North Americans peoples are divided into kinship groups or extended families, known as clans. Although most tribes believe that animals and people are closely related, only a few clans see themselves as the direct descendants of an animal spirit or totem, a word that anthropologists derived from the Ojibwe ‘odem’, which may be translated as “village”. Those clans that do have stories about how they came to have a totem animal. The Hopi say that after their emergence, they decided to play a name game while they hunted and moved across the land in bands of relatives. Because the first band came across a bear skeleton, it decided to be called Bear Clan; another found a nest of spiders and became Spider Clan. Similarly, the Iroquois peoples now have up to nine such groupings, including the Turtle Clan, the Bear Clan, and the Wolf Clan, each one which is matrilineal (based on tracing descent through the maternal line) and headed by a “clan mother”.

The origin may be even more direct: certain animals came back after their death (whether they had died of natural causes or had given their lives to a human hunter), stripped off their animal fur or feathers to look and act like humans, and then established their own clan or village among the people. For example, some peoples of the Northwest Coast believe that their ancestors were animals that had landed on the beaches, taken off their animal guises, become human and established the various clans.

A totem animal may have assisted an ancestor in a hunt or helped him or her to find the way home. In other cases, a memeber of a clan may go on a specific quest to find an animal to adopt as the clan totem. Members of the Osage Spider Clan relate that a young man once went into the forest on just such an expedition. He was following some deer tracks when he fell over a large spider’s web. The spider asked the man how he had come to trip over the web. He replied that he had been tracking a deer, because he was looking for a strong animal to be the symbol of his clan. The spider replied that, although he seemed to be a small, weak creature, he had the virtue of patience. Furthermore, the spider said, all creatures came to him sooner or later, just as the man had done. Impressed by these words, the man returned to his clan, which duly adopted the spider as its totem.

Individuals who did not belong to a totem-based society or clan could develop their own relationship with a totem animal, which became their personal spirit guide.

Clans and individuals were often thought to assume the characteristics of their spirit totem. For example, members of a Bear Clan might be said to possess great individual strength and ferocity, while those of a Wolf Clan might be said to be the ones who would seek out new things and places for the benefit of the group.

The relationships within and between clans might reflect those that are thought to exist between their real-life animal namesakes, implying that clanspeople share its characteristics. For example, in the past, the Winnebago usually chose chiefs from the Thunderbird Clan, but it was members of the Bear Clan who policed the community, because bears are vigilant and all-seeing. Among the Cherokee, members of the Bird Clan acted as messengers, those of the Deer Clan served as runners and men from the Wolf Clan fought as warriors.

I will end this short but important lesson here, for now.
It would be wise before anymore denizens of the vampire community go around quoting Dracula from Bram Stoker’s Dracula: “There is much to be learned from beasts.”
Perhaps those quoting this powerful wisdom should actually know about it and have experienced what they are quoting.


Crossroads of Darkness

30 Mar

Sneak Peek…


Another new feature to be included in the new version of The DarkRose Journal zine is ‘The DarkRose Inn’, located at the Crossroads of Darkness.

The issue 1 guest will be one of my favorite creatures, as well, one of my favorite subjects of research and discussion…

Vampyre Faeries!

Oh yes, the Elementals (the Fae) and Vampyres are quite often one in the same.

Soooo, make sure to pick up your copy of issue 1 of the new cyber mutated DRJ e-zine for the best adventure one can have reading!

For more information please visit us at:

*Artwork By Ian Daniels



30 Mar


“Knowledge WAS inherent in all things. The world WAS a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks and the birds and animals that shared, alike with us, the storms and blessings of the earth.”
~Luther Standing Bear, Lakota tribe

Perhaps the way back is the way forward…

Perhaps moving forward and evolving physically, emotionally, and intellectually, in a positive way, does not mean better technology, faster food, more conveniences, less physical interaction with other people and nature, and so on, perhaps the road to the tomorrow that consists of Earth and her people being whole and healthy, and in balance with our Mother, is not the road that leads to bigger, better, faster….

Your Angel of Death

28 Mar

Your Angel of Death


When your angel of death comes up after you,
can you truthfully say that you have been true?
Can you say with your dying breath that you are ready to meet your angel of death?

When your darklight grows dim and the shadows creep,
and when your loved ones are gathered to weep,
can you face them and say with your dying breath that you have been true, that
when the universe  breathed her breath of stardust into you and told you to live…that live you did?

When your angel of death comes up after you,
can you smile and say that you loved and gave, that you cried and took, that you lived so very true?

When your angel of death comes up after you,
when your loved ones have wept and gone home, when you are truly alone,
can you really look at yourself and truthfully say that you have been true?

Can you truthfully say with your last dying breath that you lived and are ready to meet your angel of death?

~DarkRose 3/28/13

Love Me Not (Just Fuck Me, Please)

26 Mar

Love Me Not
(Just Fuck Me, Please!)
Tell me no more of minds embracing minds,
and hearts exchanged for hearts;
Tell me no more of dark spirits meeting and becoming one dark soul.
Tell me no more of our unbodied essences sharing the dark bloody kiss,
and then like fallen angels, twist and become one in our despair and oh, so very misunderstood, dark Bliss.

I was that silly thing that once wrought
to practise this this esoteric love;
I climb’d from gothic sex to gothic soul, from somber soul to thought;
But thinking there to move,
headlong I rolled from thought to soul, and then
from soul I lighted at the bloody sex again.

As some strict down-looked women pretend to fast, who yet in closets eat;
So lovers who profess they spirits taste,
Feed yet on grosser meat;
I know they boast their souls to souls convey,
however they meet, the body is the way.

Come, I will undeceive thee. They that tread
those vain aerial ways,
are like young heirs and alchemists misled
to waste their wealth and days,
for searching thus to be ever rich,
they only find a medicine for the itch.

Oh, love me not,
just fuck me…please!


Game Over…

26 Mar


Just because I want to make sure that everyone I care about understands how our world really works…

I am always having crazy fucked up shit happen to me. Most will probably say (especially if they’ve read ‘The Secret’ oh brother) I attract it to myself with my own negative thoughts. Absolute bullshit! Um, yeah, when I was 6 and my father started sexually molesting me, that was my fault due to my negative 6 year old thoughts, please don’t even get me started on that!

Anyway, NO I don’t attract fucked up crazy shit to happen to me because of my state of mind, which by the way is very positive and always full of hope, love, and passion.

Without giving detail this is the latest, WTF thing that has happened to me, and truly, I didn’t do anything but my job, correctly.

I was terminated last week from my job as a mental retardation worker, after a 3 week suspension, without pay.

Yesterday, the lady I worked with and was involved in the “incident” called me (after she was told not to ever talk to me or she’ll be arrested for a felony, WTF?) Anyway, she called me yesterday and today to explain to me what really happened. I was set up on the day in question and out right lies were sworn to and documented against me. Now I am being investigated by the state for abuse and I can never work in my field again.

My ex coworker is now being harrassed by the company to sign paperwork (which are all lies) to cover the companies ass.

The company is trying to prevent me from collecting unemployment too, based on their fraudulent behavior.

Anyway, I’m not a doormat. I’m not going to roll over and get fucked in the ass by anyone except my husband!

I’m sharing this, not for sympathy (those who really know me should know better than that) but as a real life example of how life works, especially for those of us who stand out like beacons….

I’m very much in this mind set right now. They have no idea who they just fucked with!

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