She’s The One

5 Mar

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
Written by: Devoted Blood (Sometime in 1997)

I’m re-posting this from my DarkRose Journal FB page. This was written by my husband, for me.


This was written for and inspired by my wife, Julia DarkRose Ray. Of course, in 1997 she wasn’t my wife yet, and even though I could only love her from afar and in silence, she was the only woman I have ever loved, or ever will love.

Huntress Angel

She’s The One

I hear her soft,
padded footsteps on hardwood floors,
as the glow of candle flame
invades the darkness of our room.
swollen nipples against black silk
give away her excitement.
She stops,
listens to the rain
pound it’s droning pattern
against the window.

My growing fear
makes her all the more alluring.

After glancing at a sparkled reflection
while placing the candle
on our wooden dresser,
she struts
in her sexy way
over to the bed’s edge,a predator with cornered prey;
and empties the warm covering
from my trembling grasp
with one swift pull.
She laughs at my vulnerability
and excitement.

Crawling onto the bed
she straddles me,
grinding against my throbbing hardness,
the torment of the tease.
I can tell by the rough,
demanding kiss which follows
that she craves a taste
and will surely take her fill.

Lavish slaps
echoing through the dim room
turn my face into the pillow.
Hot breath and moist saliva
cover my neck,
massaging that magical bruised spot
she knows so well.

Using red talons much more efficiently
than any swordsman’s blade,
she effortlessly rips the skin,
catching the first crimson drop
on her pale lips
long before it stains the sheets.She must love the choreal dance
her vigorous tongue causes
as it stabs in and out of the wound.
Her grip tightens
and the lashing quickens
in time to my thrashing.
Surely St. Vitus
is dancing his jig.

When she is through
I lie consumed and naked
on the bare sheets
watching her swaying hips
fade into darkness
and begin masturbating myself to sleep
in the dying light,
thinking of her body
grinding on top of mine
and the way her tongue
always makes me dance.

She’s the one
I live to die for.



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