Borne From The Sublime Darkness

7 Mar



…Because the truest, purest, most erotically beautiful Darkness…is not dripping with blood (especially off a set of fake vampire fangs), wearing said fake fangs, black Gothic and/or “vampire” clothing, sleeping in a coffin, or dancing in a cemetery (I love dancing in the cemetery, especially when its very windy!).

The truest, most beautiful and erotically pure Darkness, comes from within. We are born to it. It is as much a part of us as the need to breathe in air.

It’s true, all people have darkness within. For nature is both, light and dark (not to be confused with good and bad). I am, of course, speaking about something more sublime, something ethereal in nature.

The Darkness of creation, the Darkness of Lilith and Lucifer (just symbols) cannot ever be faked or learned from a book, a movie, a video game, a role-playing game, a religion, the occult, and so on…especially not in the flesh of a true dark angel, a true brother and sister of The Tribes of the Moon.

Wolf, Lycan, Vampire, Blood drinker, Bear, Jungle Cats, whatever, to me, we are all the same in spirit. In our fleshly forms we may manifest our hungers and our dark appetites and chosen paths differently from one another, but in the end, at least to me, we all come from the same pure Darkness.

I stand with all my brothers and sisters!

I am a blood drinking (human blood only) wolf…I am the huntress. I am the erotically beautiful creature my Mother and Father of Darkness, of Nature intended for, needed for me to be.

I DO NOT CARE WHAT LABELS YOU CHOOSE! All brethren of the Moon are my family. I will never forsake my family.



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