The Vampyre Cafe’

8 Mar

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
By: DarkRose
Here is the other short story written for the hard copy of The DarkRose Journal from the 90’s.. This is also one of my very first short stories ever written…please keep that in mind when reading it. Thank you kindly.
*Quick side note: This story was part of a regular feature in The DarkRose Journal called ‘The Vampyre Cafe’,’ all the stories included interaction with the members of the DRJ. I thought it was a fun way for the subscribers to feel more involved with The DRJ and her members.


The Vampyre Café

Tonight’s Special:

Redneck Saute

By DarkRose

© 1996




The beautiful autumn season has, it seems, passed too quickly. The hurried rhythm of the Café has slowed to a winter waltz. Outside the stained glass windows of my dark and decadent eatery, the snowflakes are performing their final dance as they fall silently from the beautiful grey sky onto the snow-covered ground. Even in the dead of winter, the cloud-covered sun obscures the beauty that the night graciously reveals.

Soon the sun people and their world of lies and false love will be put to rest. It will be time for the vampyres (dark angels to some) and their faithful followers, to descend upon what was during the day, a lonely and unloved world, to a loved and cherished world at night. Our ocean of darkness washes everything clean. Now, a beacon that radiates with pure emotion and life will shine from the heart of the underworld. It is so bright and true that no one except a dark angel, or those embraced by the children of the dark, may gaze upon it. The fire that radiates from the depths of the Dark can burn those who seek it out of knowledge based on ignorance and lies. In truth, there lies great pain. In great pain, there lies true love. In the darkness, there is great truth and a love so pure that sometimes it sears your soul.

Vampyres feel it with every fiber of their being. They cry for every sad and lonely creature in this universe. Vampyres hate and love with a fury and gentleness that most humans cannot begin to comprehend.  If you are fortunate enough you may be able to witness some of our dark love here at the Café, where every meal is an adventure in ecstasy, and every moment a winding river of emotions. If you are really fortunate, you may become a delicious and erotic meal for myself and the other angels at the Café.

The chiming of the clock tells me that evening has finally fallen upon my beloved decadent eatery. The others will be gathering in the main dining room soon.  I will check on my faithful servant and friend, Daniel, first to find out how this evening’s preperations are coming along, then to make my way to the dining room to join the others.

As I look around my dining table, the beauty of the other vampyres pierces my heart with exquisite pain. Directly in front of me is Blair, an interesting and sexy new member and friend. To my left is Donald, another special angel. On Blair’s right is Ashley, who is radiant in her strapless velvet gown of royal blue. And on my right is another beautiful denizen of the dark, Desar.

Anxious to begin tonight’s meal, DarkRose welcomes her old and new friends. “Good evening and welcome to the Vampyre Café. I do hope that your body and soul will be quenched tonight. The Café is a little slow-paced these days. I hope that a gentle romantic meal is to your liking this evening. Daniel will be bringing our goblets of fresh virgin blood momentarily.

“Our virgin, Mark, requires some erotic teasing before he gives his glorious nectar to us. It is a game that Daniel enjoys. He is quite fond of Mark. I think that they make a lovely couple. Mark has been with us for almost a year now. He has some of the best virgin blood that has ever passed through my lips. Of course, if I don’t keep Daniel away from him, Mark won’t be a virgin much longer. And the Café will have a job opening.”

There are suddenly loud and obnoxious noises coming from the entrance of the Café. The hungry diners in the main dining room are startled and quickly come out of their languid moods.

“Mademoiselle DarkRose, there is a situation in the lobby that requires your immediate attention.”

“What might that situation be, Daniel?”

“Well, I am not exactly sure. Some kind of annoying species has entered the Café. They are-please excuse the expression-hoopin’ and hollerin’ in some sort of sub-human language. I have asked them to leave the premises but they refuse. These offensive little bugs are demanding that I bring out Dracula. They want to see a real vampire. They’re not leaving until they-again excuse the expression-show you “freaks” what a “real” man is. Oh Christ! I think I am actually going to be sick.”

With increasing enthusiasm DarkRose replies, “Daniel, this is perfect. My appetite is already reaching unbearable heights in anticipation of the bloody meal in store for us now. Please make sure that Mark is safely in his room. His soul is far too fragile for tonight’s ensuing carnage.”

So these foul, ignorant creatures want to meet a real vampire. Indeed they shall. It will be a meeting that they can never forget. The stars will burn away and the oceans of the earth will dry up before their souls begin to understand and accept the truths of the universe and their many different realms.

“Daniel, please allow us 15 minutes to prepare for our unexpected guests. Then escort them into the Ecstasy Chamber. No, on second thought, please escort them into The Hall of Madness. I think that we will show these cretins just how powerful and, if need be, nasty, a vampyre can be. Before you rejoin our guests, ask my new secretary, Sabrina, to meet me in The Hall of Madness. Thank you my love.”

DarkRose eagerly motions to her fellow sanguine enthusiasts. “Come my beautiful and hungry darklings. We have a feast to attend.”

This is just what the Café needs to get her chilled winter blood warmed. Tonight we play a dangerous game. Tonight, as always, the vampyre will prevail.

It has been quite awhile since I have enjoyed a meal in The Hall of Madness. I save The Hall for my more difficult feedings. I never take anyone without his or her mutual consent. I have no doubts that these strange little beasts will be more than happy to comply with my wishes, possibly after a somewhat nasty confrontation. However, I am also certain that they will not understand the gift that I am about to bestow upon their small existence.

Inside this great and beautiful Hall, imbedded in the marble walls and floors, reflected in the massive ornate mirrors, shone through the painted eyes of our great vampiric ancestors portraits, is every erotic and decadent dark pleasure ever experienced inside these walls of madness. Every memory and emotion has become a living breathing entity that now resides inside every nook and cranny. This dark entity awaits patiently and hungrily for it’s next victim to enter into its web of madness and pleasure.

The Hall is no place for the weak of heart. Here a vampyre may experience and vent their dark rage, lust and hunger. Here is where our ignorant guests will come face to face with their true master, the enduring predator, the Vampyre.

As DarkRose is lost in her thoughts, soft and very feminine footsteps rapidly approach behind her.

“Mademoiselle DarkRose, how may I serve you?”

“Ah Sabrina, ma petite jolie. There are many ways that I would like for you to serve me, most of which I think are better reserved for the privacy of my bedchamber. However, this evening I require your assistance in preparing tonight’s unexpected guests for their long overdue journey into the realm of the Vampyre. Tonight I am going to make you my consort.”

As my fellow passionate dark angels patiently await for Daniel to escort tonight’s dispassionate and clueless creatures into their ravenous hands, the cold musty air of The Hall has become warm and fragrant. The room is alive once again and filled with our dark love.



The Hall of Madness

Recipe #5

Redneck Saute


A loud, ignorant and obnoxious Redneck(s)

A metal studded leather whip



A wooden plank

Several safety pins

A head vice(s)



Thin rope

   “Daniel, thank you for escorting our most deserving guests to me.”

“It is, as always, my pleasure mademoiselle DarkRose”, chimes Daniel.

The tall bearded man with long greasy blond hair foolishly approaches the group of hungry vampyres. “DarkRose? What kind of bullshit name is that? I’ll be damned if this ain’t the weirdest pack of freaks I ever saw.”

With all the patience of a good hostess, DarkRose makes her formerly uninvited guests feel right at home. “Welcome to my Café, you wretched putridity of life. You know my name. I regret that I do not know yours.”

“They call me Long Dong Silver and this here next to me is White Sheet Willy.” Standing next to Mr. Silver is a short and stocky man with shoulder length matted brown hair.

“Why don’t you come a little closer you crazy bitch. Willy and me would like to have a better look at your vampire pussy. I bet you ain’t never been fucked by a real man. Have you bitch? Where are your fangs? First we had to deal with them stupid Kikes. Then it was them Goddamned Niggers. Now it’s fuckin’ vampire freaks. Too bad the rest of the boys ain’t here, we could have a good ole fashioned vampire stakin’ party. Christ! I can’t wait to fuck the shit out of you DarkRose, then I’m going to give it to the one in the blue dress. Wha d’ya say Willy? You wanna have first crack at her?”

Na, I got my eye on that faggot they call Daniel. I think that I’ll stick more than a cock up his ass tonight.”

A sly and hungry smile is poised upon DarkRose’s face. “Well, my defective, imbecilic, simpletons, you have brought your unforgivable prejudices and ignorance into the wrong café.  Before I continue, please understand that you must refrain from calling me a bitch. You must be at least as intelligent as an amoeba before you can even contemplate regurgitating any obscenities unto my beautiful vampiric being. From now on any utterly untrue obscenity you speak about a vampyre or child of the dark, will be met with a severly painful punishment.”

Still unafraid and unaware of their dire situation, the Cafes’ slow-witted guests continue to offend the inhabitants of the blood washed eatery. “Fuck you cunt! You fuckin’ blood drinkin’ whore. I’m going to tear your stinkin’ pussy up. Then I’m going to stick my cock up your ass while Willy pisses down your throat. After all that I’m going to make you eat my shit, seein’ as how you’re a vampire pig and all.”

Revolted by the foul creations in front of her, DarkRose relies on all of her Dark , everlasting strength to keep from marring them beyond any kind of recognition. “Donald, Blair, please bring me my chains and metal studded whip. Daniel please bolt the doors.” Looking more intently at the mysterious Lady before them, the redneck duo begins to shift nervously from foot to foot. “Hey! Rosy,” bellows the block-headed clown with the long blond hair. “Is that suppose to scare us?”

Circling her prey, the ever-composed hostess casually responds. “Of course not Mr. Silver. You are far too stupid to know when the appropriate time to be frightened is. However, now would be the appropriate time.”

Willy, trying to shake his rapidly growing feeling of horror, looks past DarkRose and into the group of famished diners before him and bodly states, “I’ve had enough of you freaks. Let’s get busy.” With a wanton smile on her lips, DarkRose is the first to concur. “I agree, Mr. White Sheet. Let’s get busy. Come to me. I am your salvation.”

The Lady of the Café, is nauseated by their mere presence. As they start to approach her the stench of their hatred and nescience is almost more than her soul can bare. She has tried to find some spark of a worthwhile soul in their lifeless eyes. Alas, there is nothing there. They are as empty as an abused and neglected child is bereft of dreams. She will have no regrets about the vampiric pain that she is about to bestow upon them.

“Blair and Donald, if you will be so kind as to please chain these foul abominations tightly to the wooden planks that are protruding from the north wall.”

“With great pleasure my Lady!” they replied in excited unison.

Still in disbelief of their situation, tonight’s unexpected guests continue to retort in a negative fashion to DarkRose and her fellow Dark Angels. “Fuck you! Just try and touch us. We’re twice the size of everybody in this shit hole.”

Not surprised by their continuous stupidity, Ashley, one of the Cafes’ beautiful patrons, retorts. “Yes, my feeble minded, mooncalfed, ninnies-you are fat, ugly and stupid. We may be svelte and beautiful, but we are ten times as strong as you, physically. And mentally, well, there is absolutely no comparison.”

As Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber are arguing about their imagined strengths, the tower clock strikes the midnight hour. It is time to feed. Blair and Donald successfully bound our meal. They are dragged, kicking and uttering muffled imprecations, all the way to the planks on the massive north wall.

Above the wooden planks, hangs a portrait of my true mother, the immortal and painfully beautiful Lilith. Her black eyes gaze down upon this apocalyptic scene with admiration and dark love. All is well in the house of dark spirits. With her blessings, the decimation will begin.

The enthusiastic voice of their hostess has turned the hungry eyes of the Café dwellers away from this evening’s meal. “My poor little rednecks. I am sure that right about now you are wishing that you hadn’t stopped into our humble little dining establishment to have a quick peek at the ‘vampire freaks’. You are wishing that you had kept walking to your normal stomping grounds.  Which is either the local shit kickers bar or the sheep fucking party at your Father slash Grandfather’s house.

For each ridiculous profanity you felt obligated to send our way, I in return feel obligated to send a healthy dose of pain your way. But first, I would like for you to witness the truth about our world. You are going to be given the privelage to see what beauty, loyalty, honor, passion, power, lust, love and truth are really about. For the first time in your miserable little lives, you will see into the light of the darkness, you will witness true endarkment, and if you are able to comprehend the gifts we are about to bestow upon you, you will not be scared.”

Desire is ablaze inside DarkRose’s hungry eyes. “Sabrina, my lovely pet, please come to me. You are my chosen one tonight.”

Sabrina’s silky shoulder length chestnut hair reminds me of a glorious autumn evening. She has it cut in one of those fun youthful styles. The slightest movement causes her hair to carelessly bounce and sway. Her hazel eyes would be unremarkable if it were not for the shimmering streaks of violet that radiate from them. When she is in the midst of any dramatic emotion, her eyes turn from hazel and violet to a wild shade of deep purple. Sometimes you feel like drowning inside of those bottomless wells. Her body frame is small and lithe. Her breasts are tiny like that of an underdeveloped teenage girl. Her nipples remind me of delicate pink rose buds. Just right for sucking. Sabrina has been called cute and sometimes pretty. She is not beautiful. Yet there is something magnetic about her. Our little cadre of fine diners are often drwan to her. I, too, am often attracted to her, especially around mealtime. Her human scent has been known to send me into lustful rapture. It is warm and musky. She reeks of sexual desire. I breathe her into my soul whenever she is close to me. Now this evening I will do more than breathe in her intoxicating human perfume. Tonight, I will share some of my powerful love with her.

“Daniel, please make sure that Mr. Not So Long Dong Silver and Mr. Free Willy, are incapable of turning their heads or closing their eyes. I would hate for them to miss even a moment of this. I think that a couple of metal head vices would be an appropriate choice for our guests. And for their eyes, safety pins will work nicely. Do you agree?”

Pleased at the suffering the rednecks are about to endure, Daniel responds with all the jubilance of a small child attending the circus and witnessing its magic for the first time. “Definitely my Lady! Would you like for me to catch their blood in a goblet for you?”

“No thank you Daniel. Let it drip down their faces and bodies for the time being. I have other plans for their nectar.”

Luckily, The Hall of Madness already has a very large supply of torture devices. Without further ado, Daniel retrieves two large metal vices and a handful of safety pins. Blair and Donald volunteer to do the deed to the two very undistinguished things chained to the wall. Still trying to fight their inevitable plight of doom, Mr. Silver and Mr. Willy continue to spew garbage from their mouths. Of course the harder they try to get out of the chains and the head-vice, the more pain they inflict upon themselves. Blair easily and successfully attaches the head-vices. They can fight all they want, but they cannot win. Now that their bodies and heads are immobile, Donald, who is aching from his hunger,seems to take extreme pleasure in safety pinning their eyes open. Everytime he pierces the delicate area around the optical nerves with the dull tip of the safety pin, his eyes sparkle with joy. Everytime one of the dullards screams in agony, Donald breaks out in appreciative laughter. Each redneck has four pins impaling each eye. Their eyelids are pinned to their eyebrows. And just for fun, Donald pinned the soft cavity beneath their eyes to the meaty part of their blood-streaked cheeks. With the torture devices in place these begrimed nonentities lesson in, what happens when you mess with hungry vampyres, is about to begin.

DarkRose licks her full ruby lips in anticipation of the dark feeding she is about to initiate. “Sabrina, remove your outer garments and kneel before me, very good. Tell me, do you desire me?”

Sabrina, blushing responds a little nervously. “Yes, my Lady, I do. I dream about you every night. I long for your unearthly kisses.”

“My dear, you do have soft lovely hair. You also have nice taste in under garments. I, too, love very lacy and delicate panties and brassieres. I may be a blood-hungry predator, but I am also a romatic and very sensual woman. And you, my little flower, bring out my feminine essence in all its vampiric glory.”

DarkRose’s fingers slide effortlessly through Sabrina’s silky hair. As her hand rests upon Sabrina’s sunquenched narrow shoulder, shivers of ecstasy vibrate throughout her body. Her other hand is slowly caressing her puerile face. The strong, dexterous fingers of the dark Mistress, gently stroke the hollow of her cheek. They have found their way to her small round mouth. She cannot resist placing a carnal kiss upon those innocent lips. As her red lips commingle with Sabrina’s, her hand has found its way down from her shoulder to the small of her back. With a celeritous stroke of her long, sharp fingernail, she has made a small incision. Her beautiful crimson blood begins to flow between DarkRose’s hungry fingers.

The desire to throw her down on the floor and suckle dry the wound that she has made upon Sabrina’s back is overwhelming. What is even more overwhelming is the desire to throw her down, slice open her femoral artery, and drink from her until she is nothing more than a lifeless husk. But Sabrina is an innocent. She is a dreamer, a lover, a kind and intelligent girl. To pluck her life away would be a crime against Mother Nature. Killing is not necessary to survive. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Sometimes it cannot be helped. However, there is no killing allowed at the Café.

DarkRose’s hunger continues to grow. “Sabrina, please remove your bra, lovely my dear. “ Our lips are once again united in intoxicating pleasure. As my tongue continues to probe the inside of her moist mouth, my fingers unceasingly catch the trickling blood from the small wound on her back. Gradually my fingers begin to slide up her back, past her slender shoulders, up her ever so vulnerable neck, to finally rest upon her sweet face.

My fingers once again start to trace her girlish features. Every caress paints her face a glorious sanguine.  My fingers have found their way into her mouth. Her virgin tongue has found my bloodstained fingertips. The heat from her body has become an inferno of dark sexual desire. She has greedily licked every last drop of her precious blood from the tips of my fingers.

“Lie down on the floor face up, Sabrina,” commands DarkRose. Sabrina is afraid that she has done something wrong and that her interlude with her Mistress is over. “Please don’t leave me. Please hold me.”

“Shhh, my little one. Do not fret. I am not leaving you. I am going to share my special dark love with you. You must be patient.”

My hunger has escalated to almost unbearable heights. Sabrina’s erect nipples are beckoning to me to come drink from the river of warm blood that flows just beneath the delicate flesh of her breasts. The child-like innocence of her face and body, coupled with her overpowering elixir of human sensuality, has brought my own nipples to an exquisitely painful erection. My body burns with bestial desire. I must descend upon her and feed. No longer wishing to prolong this torture, I have slipped out of my red silk gown and sheer lace bra, exposing my full breasts and erect nipples. My hands naturally start to caress my breasts. I cannot resist the urge to pinch my already painful nipples. While one hand lingers about my chest and neck, my other hand leisurely finds its way down my slender waist past my stomach to the torrid mound between my thighs.

Sabrina’s wild violet eyes are calling to me. “Save me. Love me. Take me.” Her soul is crying, “Make me a child of the Dark. Make me your child. Please don’t leave me behind. Take me away from all this treachery and ignorance. I am yours forever.”

“Yes, my love, you are mine, forever. As we embrace, feel my dark, glorious spirit, with every ounce of your being.” As DarkRose lies her naked body upon Sabrina and begins covering her with bloody kisses, she notices a tear spilling out from the corner of her eye. She gently places her mouth upon the young girls eye and drinks in all her sadness and lonliness.

DarkRoses’s crimson stained fingers have found their way into Sabrina’s pulsating fiery womanhood. Every thrust inside sends her body into uncontrollable throes of passion. “My dearest, I must have your precious nectar, now.” My fingernails have made little rivers of blood all over her body. I will start at her lovely neck, slowly sucking and licking her gift of life to me.

Unable to understand the beauty before them, the rednecks once again show their extraordinary ignorance. “You need a real man, you stupid bitch. That lezbo vampire cunt can’t do what a real man can do for you.”

Hurt by their remarks, Sabrina, who is a sensitive girl, turns her head away from DarkRose and begins to cry. Happy that they have made Sabrina cry, the feeble-minded simpletons turn their attentions to the Lady of the house. “Why don’t ya bring your little ass over here to Willy and me. We’ll give you something to suck on, you cow-faced piece of shit vampire freak.”

DarkRose, outraged at the hurt these foul germs have bestowed upon her chosen new consort, with their diseased mentality, decides it’s time to get nasty. “Blair, please escort Sabrina to my bedchamber. I am sorry my love. We will have to finish this a bit later. I was trying to give these malfunctioning baboons a chance to witness one of the many miracles of the Dark. But they decided to open their mouths and show their unforgivable ignorance. So, now they must be dealt with. I will see you later tonight my dear. Thank you Blair. Oh! And Blair, no touching my soon to be new consort. She belongs to me.”

DarkRose, losing all her carefully cultivated hostess skills and becoming truly annoyed with the two lumps of wasted human flesh that are chained to the wall, decides to take this lesson in vampiric truth one step further. “Daniel, please bring me two nails, a hammer and some thin rope. Thank you. Well, my probably illeterate, totally unaware swine, I warned you to keep quiet. After all, if you can’t say anything nice to a vampyre then you shouldn’t say anything at all. This is what I am going to do to you. I am going to hammer a nail through your tongue. Then I am going to tie a thin rope to the nail. Then I am going to tie the remaining portion of the rope around your thick red necks.”

With an ever-increasing smile upon her lips, DarkRose continues to torture her, thus far, unenlightened guests. “While we are waiting for Daniel to return with the party favors, how about a game of ‘Let’s Whip The Redneck’.”  Every painful lash from the whip that DarkRose bestows on the two witless wonders leaves an ocean of pure, perfect blood upon their miserable savaged bodies. Time sure flies when you’re having fun. It took Daniel fifteen minutes to find the hammer, the nails and rope. It seems like the game had just started when he returned.

“Well, now boys, do you have any other truly uplifting and spiritual comments you would like to share with the rest of the group before we continue with your lesson? No? I didn’t think so.”

The pure bright light that usually radiates from DarkRose’s brown eyes has for the moment been extinguished as she reflects on the tragedy that continues to befall this little world of ours. “I haven’t seen such a pitiful sight in many years. Even the sight of blood seeping from their wounds does little to stir my bloodlust. Maybe they will take with them at least a respect of what they cannot comprehend. Maybe next time they will not be so quick to judge what is unknown to them-which is just about everyhting. Some souls cannot be endarkened, or if they prefer, enlightened. For them I also shed a tear. Ignorance-and hatred based upon ignorance-has always been and probably will always be one of the great nemisis of human beings.”

Saddened by these creatures and what they represent, DarkRose wipes the tear from her cheek and turns her back forever on the true evil that hangs from her wall, right below her beloved Lilith. “I will take leave of you now my friends. They are yours to do with what you wish. When you have finished with them, remove all torture devices (I know this should be common sense, still the obvious, is not always easy to see), clean them up, and then drop them off at the local Christian church. Do not waste their blood. Devastatingly unawakened meat suits or not, there is no wasting blood at the Café. I bid you farewell, have a good evening and Bon Apetit.”








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