Welcome, Come In And Stay Awhile…

9 Mar

Re-posted from The DarkRose Journal FB page…

The Wolf Tribe

I would like to apologize to anyone who has landed on my page by complete accident and finds themselves in utter shock and feeling a bit of revulsion.

It seems that FB, for some unknown reason to me, has run amok with some of my posts and is “suggesting” The DarkRose Journal to people who would rather have nothing to do with me , us, or a magazine that celebrates the true Darkness, amongst a few other things as well.

So, if you have landed here and did not have any clue what you were about to walk into, I do deeply apologize for FB being an ass.

Now, on a far more positive note, FB being an ass, has brought some unexpected visitors to the Journals page. I won’t call anyone out, however, these individuals most certainly walk a different path than we do, yet they have chosen to stick around for a while and follow the DRJ and interact with us, the Tribes of the Moon. Not only are they sticking around, they are not judging, they are keeping an open mind, and best of all, we will have the chance to communicate openly and honestly and share ideas and beliefs with those that do not walk our path. Isn’t this what we have been fighting for!?!

Have we not been fighting for the daylight world to merely accept that we might be different but we are not “evil incarnate?” Have we not been fighting for the right to be accepted and for others to at least try to understand who we are before passing any kind of negative judgements upon us? All the moronic drama and bickering and ‘egomongering’ the Community does, has not, in my opinion achieved much except bigger egos and more drama, along with making the real brothers and sisters of the Moon, look moronic.

So, thank you to all who have joined us here and for honoring us with your beliefs, open minds, and shared ideas about life and our world. You are very, very, welcome here amongst The tribes of the Moon!



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