Fallen Petals That Lead To A Dark Angel

13 Mar

Fallen Petals That Lead to A Dark Angel…
Written on September 6, 2012
I am now and I will always be, a daughter of the Dark. Night is my Mother. And I, her faithful and beautiful child, find strength and solace within her Dark embrace. My lover, my teacher, my immortal Mother opens her veins to me, and I drink. From her flows the blood of life. The blood washes my soul clean. I bathe in its sensuality and truth. I celebrate its wisdom and beauty.

I look out from the Dark with bright eyes, and my senses revel in it’s erotic purity. Come see the world through the eyes of a true Dark Angel. Come taste the forbidden fruit that my dark ruby lips have to offer. Come feel the warmth and security of my Dark embrace.

The Dark is home, and my home is the Dark. Welcome to my home.

I am DarkRose…

For those of you who know me, welcome back! For those of you who do not know me, get ready for your journey into the realm of the glorious Darkness.
I do not offer role playing games. I do not offer lies and ignorance. I can only offer you the truth, wisdom, sensuality, and beauty of my world.

My world…the world in which true Dark Angels reside.

It is my hope that the information contained within the cyber pages of ‘The DarkRose Journal’ will educate, endarken(enlighten), entertain, and provide a welcoming haven form those who choose to travel down a path called Darkness. I welcome you to my haven. If you do not like what you find here, then I wish you well as you find your way down a different path to your desired haven. If you decide to stay, I hope that your encounter with the Dark is a long and endarkening(enlightening) one. I truly hope that I am able to offer some guidance on the not always easy but so very worthwhile path of the Dark Angel…

Find me…
Come to me…
If you allow me to be, I can be a beacon of Darkness in this harsh unforgiving world of Light.



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