Fine Print

13 Mar

Direct from the original ‘The DarkRose Journal’…this is the ‘Fine Print’ that accompanied every issue on the inside of the cover…

Bloody Rose Cover

Fine Print

This Journal is dedicated to exploring the pleasures of the Dark and alternative realities. These do not include any manner of violent acts, kinkiness with unwilling parties, sexual misconduct, exploitation of the young or innocent, or illegal activities of any kind, even if the only aggrieved party might be a right wing extremist, a left wing extremist, or a politician. Articles, stories and features in the Journal are of an informative, educational, historical, entertaining, or satirical nature. Those who do not enjoy the Journal and do not wish to expand their understanding of the world in which they live, as well as broaden their horizons by exploring alternative lifestyles that the Journal describes, should simply put it down and not read the damn thing. The Dark and alternative lifestyles are meant only for those who desire it, and is not meant to be foisted upon any unsuspecting parties. I do not practice evil (which is subjective anyway), encourage anarchy, or think people should wear fishing hats to funerals-although I defend the rights of people to do any of these. All those people out there who have such lonely lives and so much free time on their hands that they think they should care what books other people read, what movies they see, and which Gods (if any) they worship should just shut the hell up and try to develop some kind of life of their own. So, there.

Consider this now the ‘Fine Print’ for the new cyber mutated version of ‘The DarkRose Journal’…..



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