The Picture

14 Mar


How often, if ever, do we actually have the benefit of viewing the entire picture? Are all of our choices, assumptions, guilt, hatred, love, condemnation, envy, jealousy, fears, ideals of right and wrong, and so on, based on only a sliver of the truth? What would happen if we could always look past ourselves, as well, always be privy to others actions and thoughts?

Perhaps, before you hate and/or try to bring someone down, you should have a better, clearer, and larger view of the picture.
Not that you should be hating or trying to bring others down, as a general rule.

I promise, all those people (and there are a hell of a lot) that hate me (without knowing me and/or seeing the whole picture), would not hate me if they knew how to truly be awakened beings (like they ALL claim they are)and learn how to see with their mind and spirit, the whole picture.

Sorry, just random thoughts falling out of my mind and through my fingertips…

Good night everyone. Sleep well.

~DarkRose (Julia)


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