You Are The Sum of Your Actions…

15 Mar


I don’t give a rat’s cute bald ass what label you choose to communicate to the world who and what you are. You are NOT a label. You are the sum of your actions and truest thoughts. It’s cool to create communities, groups, forums, write books, run Houses and covens, and so on…fanfuckingtastic! But if you are the truly aware and enlightened being that you proclaim yourself to be, you will not let that be the  whole of your existence.

I know that everyone of us must live by limitations of some kind, some more than others. But limits or not, there is always something you can do to heal our broken Mother and her children, all her children.

Please, pull your asses out of your vampire communities, your otherkin communities, and so on. Really, if you spent as much time trying to validate who you are and stroking egos, helping those who cannot help themselves, or just making the plight of those unfortunate beings caught in the crossfire, known to others around you, think of the possibilities! Or is it far more important to get your vampire freak on, wear fangs, promote vampire/gothic/fetish events? I mean all the goddamn time? Come on, put some of that money, time, and energy into helping those who are trapped by the false light!

I can preach this at you because I do and have always used my time, money, and energy to help others. I’m not stroking my ego, just making it clear that I’m not a hypocrite!

For just a moment or two, look beyond your 4 walls…PLEASE!!!

~DarkRose (Julia)


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