Come On In…The Truth Is Right In Front Of You!

18 Mar



Just because it bothers me to watch people who are sincerely interested in the truth (or so they say) continuously falling prey to deception within the Vampire Community.

‘Tis true, people are responsible for researching and seeking out the truth themselves, at least this is what they should be doing. Not reading or being told in Vampire Community forums and FB groups what the “truth” is about living “psychic” vampires, and then just buying into it without any further research!

One of the articles in Issue 1 of the new cyber mutated DRJ, is a more in depth look into Energy and what and how it REALLY works. By the way, I am simply using information gathered from a high school science book to write my article. My point in revealing this little tid bit to you is quite simple, all these “learned” members of the community can quote many occult books regarding energy, yet none of those books are based on proven facts. They are all conjecture, truly they are. For if they were proven fact, science would reflect the contents of those “energy manipulation” books. Yet, all the truth, proven facts that anyone really needs to make an informed decision, are available in a high school science book. So, if all the information one needs to make an informed decision is provided in a high school basic science book, I will assume that those in the Vampire Community who claim to be awakened and/or over flowing with knowledge about living vampires, are in fact, full of shit and not awakened or the least bit interested in the truth.

Soooooo…you might want to check out Issue 1 of The DarkRose Journal…Shit will be hitting the communities ongoing fan, hehehehehe, I love exposing the truth, it makes me very happy.



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