Lovely Butterfly

20 Mar

Re-posting a shortened version of one of my short stories…still working quite hard to make the first cyber edition of The DarkRose Journal an unforgettable journey of inspiration, spirituality, and dark pleasures! I assure you my family and friends, the DRJ magazine is a stand alone source of information and entertainment within the realm of Darkness!

Property of DarkRose and The DarkRose Journal, 2012
By DarkRose
Copyright 2012

Butterfly Eye
Lovely Butterfly

“I’ll do anything to be with you. Fuck me. Make me what you are.”
She crept slowly toward the Vampire. A fine sheen of sweat broke out on her upper lip, and her nipples hardened through the tight sheath of her emerald-green velvet dress. She drew in close enough to glance up at the delicate blue tracery of veins on the porcelain skin of his neck and face before she demurely lowered her gaze and fixed her eyes on the floor between them. She remained silent and motionless before him, before the Vampire.

He studied her. Her glossy black hair was cut in a chin-length bob near her face, tapering back to the nape of her neck where her hair was shaved close to the scalp. The exposed almond-colored skin on her shoulders and the back of her neck was smooth over her elegant bones. A delicate tattoo of a black widow, emblazoned with a crimson hourglass, perched on the bony protrusion of her top vertebrae. He sucked in his breath sharply while he watched her almost-exposed breasts heave. His desire was cresting, but he relished her tormented silence. She never spoke to her vampire until he indicated his wishes to her.

His balls tightened as he slid the icy fingers of his left hand around her fragile neck, resting his thumb against her frantically pumping jugular vein. His pulse fell into dizzying rhythm with the escalating beat of her heart. Every instinct, his very nature, demanded that he claim her tonight. The swirling dark dance must begin.

“My dear one, you have been obedient and patient, and tonight, you will receive your reward for such devotion. My lovely one, tonight you will be introduced to the dark embrace of vampirism,” he purred the words very close to her ear while lowering his hand to the mound of her right breast, massaging the flesh and twisting her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She gasped and wrung her hands behind her back, a spasm of heat and moisture exploding between her legs. She undulated her hips gently as her vampire slid his hand under her dress, pulling aside the lace of her panties to part her moist labial lips and slap her clit.

A tangible ripple of anxiety and envy spread through the mortal occupants of the mundane nightclub, of the vampires web, a web full of beautiful butterflies. Every butterfly eye in the room focused on her and her vampire, beguiled by his blatant fondling and intensely jealous of her good fortune. Her vampire ignored the attention, dismissing the mortal herd and focusing on his fragile plaything, but she flushed under the voyeuristic attention.

His blood lust quickly rose. He inched his finger out of her, scraped her clit with his fingernail, and pulled his moistened finger back between her legs, pressing the tight ring of flesh around her anus. A slight smile inched across the vampires face as he watched her blush intensify and spread down her throat to her décolletage.

She gasped again and folded her arms more tightly against the small of her back as her vampire continued his exploration. He pressed against her back, raising his body and the clingy fabric of her dress simultaneously. Content that the shimmering lace of her thong was exposed to the club filled with chained butterflies, he pushed his thumb into her asshole and slid his ring finger back into her pussy, flicking her clit with the long nail of his little finger. She moaned, and he moved both of his hands to her breasts, squeezing and clasping them as his mouth roved over her face and throat, pausing occasionally to kiss her deeply on her sweet lips. The chained butterflies, caught in the vampires web of blood and lust, hanging out in the bar, were in a silent frenzy of lust while watching the show, drinks and cigarettes forgotten.
She pitched her head back, locking her neck over his shoulder, when he moved his left hand over hip and past her garments to more fully massage her clit. This final icy touch from her vampire plunged the unknowing pretty little butterfly into orgasm, and he seized the moment to prick his fangs into her full lower lip. Her vampire curled his lip back, exposing his deadly teeth, poised to tear into her flesh.

Before lowering his mouth over her jugular, her vampire lover, regained control over his blood lust, he snarled letting her blood trickle out of his mouth. He savored the warmth of his little butterfly’s blood as it flowed down his throat. He removed his hands from her genitals, spanking her before he smoothed her short dress down to cover her again. The web of fluttering, drunk butterflies was utterly still; even the pulsating dance music had ceased during the exhibition. All eyes remained trained on the couple, watching his favorite beautiful butterfly’s chest heave as she struggled to regain her composure while her vampire revealed her fate in an inaudible whisper.

After a lingering bloody kiss, the pair descended down the stairsand walked out into the darker than usual night.

The vampire, deciding to unpin his fragile butterfly from his web, awakens her to his world.
“ My dear, he softly whispers, you are going to be part of a world where you will see beyond mere flesh and bone. A world where you will see the inner features of humans through their unrefined outer husks; their every quality and desire will be laid bare for you-lust, innocence, attraction, curiosity, terror, passion, rage, devotion, hate, love. And perhaps most important, you will recognize in them what my kind will always be hunting for: a hunger for every breath of life in the face of each mundanes impending loss of sanguine delight and drained spiritual essence. There is still superficial beauty to be found, but the spirit of living without knowing when that life will fade holds the true attraction for us. Although the mundane humans are lovely to behold, it is their passions and love of life, that draws us into their webs of living despair and joy. And above all, you will see their blood, everywhere and forever.”

The alley offered them some privacy for this most intimate act, her vampire wasted no tome indulging in his unearthly thirst. He bit deeply into her throat, cleaving her flesh open and sucking eagerly at the escaping rush of blood. Feeling his strength replenished with her life’s blood, he was gripped by a bittersweet reverie.

Bowing his head and letting his flowing blond hair swirl around him, enticingly veiling his hands unzipping his pants. Once again, he lifts up his butterfly’s dress, rips off her lacy panties, revealing her pussy, wet and gorged with her precious blood, gaped from its nest of black pubic hair, stretched open by a spider’s web of dainty gilded chains attached to chain garters high on her thighs. Her vampire tightened his grip on his engorged cock, eager for the ritual to begin.

His blood lust climaxed-he could no longer resist the current of carnality which electrified his normally serene presence. Her body had become his altar in this primal act, and her willing sacrifice began.

He dug his nails into the flesh of her thighs and clamped his mouth on her pussy, lapping her juices, exploring her folds, plunging his tongue into her aching orifice, closing his lesser teeth around her prominent clit. Lacing his fangs through the fragile links of the chains surrounding her pubis, he used their tension and bite to enhance her pleasure. He reached up with his hand and tugged on her painfully erect nipples, working her tits with his strong fingers, while his hair brushed tantalizingly across her cunt and thighs. He opened her pussy with his fingers and plunged his thick cock deep into her fiery, throbbing mound. Within moments, the little butterfly convulsed with the most intense orgasm of her mortal life. Her head was spinning from the sudden flourish of release, the attention of her vampire master, and the intoxication of immortal seed pumping violently into her body.

He held her gaze as he licked his way up her entire body, pausing to suckle her breast before covering her mouth, raising her face to meet his. His lips brushed and tickled her cheek. He slowly slid his eager mouth down her face, resting on her neck. His teeth broke through the flesh of her throat. She sighed her last mundane breath as her vampire drank from her.
He lifted the lifeless girl to his chest and slit the flesh above his heart with the razor’s edge of his thumbnail, letting his life’s blood pour into her mouth.

She gasped one shuddering new breath. Her life had begun.



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