A Thousand Years…

21 Mar


I’ve been rethinking many of my decisions concerning what is best for us, The Tribes of the Moon.

Who am I to decide anything.

All the work I’ve done on behalf of myself and my Family, I now believe has mostly been in vain.

Perhaps we are not meant to ever shine and be out from the shadows. Perhaps the most important thing is to find all the others who truly belong within our Family.

Still, without all the public work I’ve done, without being in the limelight, I most likely wouldn’t have found and helped as many Family as I have because of shining out in the daylight world.

We are truly one step closer to our goal.

We must be brave. I have died every day waiting for you. I have loved you, my family, for a thousand years, I will love you forevermore. Every breath, every hour has come to this…

Please don’t ever be afraid. All along I believed that I would find you. I always choose to go through the unknown door first…you don’t ever need to be afraid, truly….



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