Screams in the Dark

22 Mar


Sometimes I feel so very worthless and foolish. There are so many cries in the dark and senseless killing and torture in the bright sun of day….and I can’t do anything to stop it! What good are my innate gifts and abilities if I squander them away on nonsense? I am strong, I am empowered, I am passionate…I should be doing so fucking much more!!!

Fuck! I need a moment or two, I can’t get the screams and crying voices of the innocent out of my head, heart, and soul….

A true dark angel is NOT someone who quotes/writes bad gothic poetry, listens to black metal/gothic music, wears period clothing, fangs and/or contacts and slings their shit all over the Internet and vampyre/gothic clubs….

If you want to know the burdens, hardships, and ethereal beauty of a true dark angel, then come be a part of the DRJ family, read the DRJ and find out all the ugliness someone had to endure and embrace to become a true dark angel of salvation.

If you believe following a bunch of yahoos that couldn’t stand and fight, or endure real pain and hardship, to save their fake asses is where you will finally feel at home, where you will finally be with your family, your brothers and sisters of the moon….then the truth is not your true desire.

A real dark angel fights for his family and for the rest of the worlds innocent, as much as they can….

Come to the true darkness, come on home…



One Response to “Screams in the Dark”

  1. Silvia Flores March 22, 2013 at 2:24 am #

    This was very interesting to read 🙂 i’ll certainly follow! Will you follow back? 🙂 I’m a new published author and my book deals with vampires 🙂


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