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Glamorous Vampyre Sluts-Addendum

29 Apr
Addendum to my earlier announcement regarding the new DRJ feature-Glamorous Vampyre Sluts…
purple lips

A true Dark Angel, even a glamorous slutty one, is not imprisoned by their mortal flesh. Real Dark Angels/Living Vampyres, are able to “see” past the skin and bones and see another Dark Angel for all the dark, sexy, beautiful and perhaps, glamorous sluttiness that he or she is.

The DarkRose Journal is not an 18+ soft/hardcore porn site. We are not looking for the hottest person with physical attributes only. This is NOT an outward beauty contest.

Please, if you are dark AS FUCK and know that you are a beautifully glamorous and slutty Vampyre, submit (Hehehe, I mean send your submissions) to The DarkRose Journal at:

Thank you.




29 Apr

Say hello to Adriel…

Adriel Cover

Adriel, whose shadowed veil suggests as much as it conceals.
Your lidded eyes, they tantalize, and from our own eyes lift the seals,
while boastful bawds and would-be gods, cry carnival comraderie.
Your silent smile and knowing wiles,
to but a few, sing,
“come to me.”
Those seeking crowns or willing clowns,
may pass you by,
and welcome to beneath your wings are no such things.
Nor in their hearts a place for you.
But those who yearn to grow and learn,
and then in turn make all things whole,
find in your grace their mirrored face,
the power of a Vampyres soul.


This is my own original artwork. This is Adriel. She use to be the “sigil” for my Vampyre House (Sable Brahmin). While everyone else was (is) using ankhs and making up their own “vampire runes”…I created a Dark Angel of grace, intellect, magic and beauty. Being a living Vampyre is NOT about what symbol/sigil/rune you wear…it is about connecting with your true Vampyre within.  Adriel is the physical manifestation for what resides within me…

Glamorous Vampyre Slut Update

29 Apr

Attention All Dark Angels…

Vampyre Slut

Coming to Issue 2 of The DarkRose Journal:
Glamorous Vampyre Sluts!

If you are a Glamorous Vampyre Slut and are proud of it, please send your photograph along with a quote about why you are a GVS and why you should be picked as the awesome Glampyre Slut of the month!

If you are picked by the DarkRose Journal Staff, you will be featured in our Glamorous Vampyre Slut Section, you will receive a free issue of the Journal and a one-of-a-kind t-shirt from the DRJ!

Come on, you know who you are…you know you are glamorous, beautiful, sexy, dark as fuck and want everyone to know it!

*All genders are encouraged to submit their dark glamorous sluttiness to the ebon pages of the DRJ…

Send your submissions to:


The Sleep of Madness

28 Apr

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
By: DarkRose
The Sleep of Madness

How do you fill the silences between the ticks of time?
Whither fled your strength and your ascending spirit?
Whither fled your laughter and your superior condescension?
Where now stands your scaffoldings of knowledge,
those limbs of light and truth whereon you climbed,
wherein you played?
All are now pulled down by the truth,
your lean possessions of your soul shrunk to fill a little box:
And all your senses, your delights,
turned pale and leached of taste,
paled to a scentless draught
that rusts your heart to a mere foolish ticking clock.

Oh, how your brain
Must break
Your bone
Must crack
Your blood
Must clot
Your heart
Must stop
Your flesh
Must rot
Your spirit
Must wither.

You are the stricken,
dying the true death,
shrouded in your long black veil of lies,
wrapped in your loss:
Silent you wait,
clouded by the tears of your true spirit,
torn by the wind,
ragged with soiled mist:
Where you are wounded,
there is no healing.
Where you decay
nothing is sound.
Ravaged by the false dark,
abandoned by your own self,
silent you wait.
Shadows of gray:
Old in your broken
houses of flesh and spirit.
Old among ruined
pillars of stars,
old as the halls
to which you descend.
Old as your deception
that does not end.

Elixirs fade
and potions fail,
the gold is rusted from your grail,
the wine is changed
to water thin.
The blood is wasted
from the skin,
and all that from
the glass is drunk
may leave you only
smaller shrunk.

Shall there be no alternative?
Neither recourse nor choice?

The choice is to fall into the sleep of madness
or follow that which is truly within…
The truth of the universe,
your primordial energy,
your true dark angel awaits.
Open the door to your mind…
Come on in.


Issue 1…

27 Apr


The DarkRose Journal Issue 1 is now available for purchase. Please visit us at our home site:

Enjoy the Dark Pleasures…

DarkRose Journal Update

26 Apr


Everything that you do, you do the same old way.
I can show you the world in a different light…
Keep your heart to yourself but give your soul to the night…
Come to me and plumb the depths of the Darklight…

Issue 1 of the revamped cyber edition of the historical DarkRose Journal will be available for purchase on April 27, 2013!

Please visit her haven for all dark angels at:

Thank you.


26 Apr

Property of The Darkrose Journal, 2013

Blood on White Rose

Ah, assimilation…

Nativistic Movements

Many spiritual movements arose to help Native Americans to come to terms with the upheaval caused by the arrival of Europeans and to reaffirm indigenous values and culture in the face of pressure to assimilate.

There were two types of nativistic movement, the “revitalization” and the “millenarian”. Both were syncretic–in other words, they adopted some of the beliefs and practices of the dominant culture, although to different degrees. In the first type, Native peoples were able to defuse much critism of their values by adopting some Christian forms and symbols and eliminating other elements that the missionaries denounced as heathen or superstitious. Some revitalization movements, such as the Handsome Lake Movement
(Handsome Lake’s vision included a heaven and a hell for Indians alone. Those who believed in his “Good Message” met for weekly worship in a tribal longhouse) and the Native American Church, took congregational forms similar to those of the Christian churches and allowed a core of traditional belief to survive by camouflaging it. The second, and generally more confrontational, type of nativistic movement arose when subjugation was so rapid that traditional culture was in danger of immediate collapse.

Revitalization movements were sometimes, but not necessarily, headed by prophetic figures, whereas millenarian movements almost always began with a prophet preaching an imminent, sometimes cataclysmic, end to the current order and a return to traditional ways (hmm, seems very familiar).

So, one must now consider the reality, not all of what you think you know is the truth. It might be, most likely is, some kind of mashed up combination of a little traditon, folklore, myth, and outright deception. Most of what people think they know about ancient cultures, peoples that were assimilated by other countries and religions, is bunk…or so far from the truth that it might as well just be a whole other culture.

This assimilation is not just something that use to happen. Oh my darkness no! It is still happening today. In fact, it has happened, is happening very close to home…how to you think the current Vampire community came to exist? Why do you think this “community” has so many problems from within? Well, first, anything built upon outright deception is not going to be healthy from the inside out. Second, what you have is something impure. You have a diseased organism, it will never be whole and healthy.

Assimilation of cultures of other peoples beliefs and way of life…IS NOT OKAY!!! This includes trying to assimilate real living vampires into made up bullshit…now you have a diseased animal called the Vampire Community.

What ever shall we do about it? Shoot it and put out it out of its misery?


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