Shall I…Tear My Mother’s Bosom?

1 Apr

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013

You ask me to plough the ground! Shall I take a knife and tear my mother’s bosom? You ask me to dig for stone! Shall I dig under her skin for bones? You ask me to cut grass and make hay and sell and be rich like the white men! But how dare I cut off my mother’s hair?
Raven Woman
The idea of the Great Spirit as a Father and the Earth as a Mother represents an awareness of the cosmos. To live on the Earth, to breathe and drink and feed from its resources, to be among the plants and animals, is to be part of a sacred cosmic unity.

The numerous myths and rituals that surround the firgure of Mother Earth bear witness to an ancient and indissoluble sense of kinship. Every aspect of creation within the vampyre and therian cosmos has a spiritual dimension, at least for those of us who are “real” it does, but the Earth, which is home to all living and growing things, is regarded as having special sanctity. Stories reveal this mythical Earth Mother as having faces as numerous as her landscapes are diverse, and all of her children affirm their kinship with her.

“The sun is my father, and the Earth is my mother; on her bosom I will rest.”
~Shawnee chief Tecumseh

Do you wonder if the ground has anything to say? I hear what the ground says. The ground says, ‘It is the Great Spirit that placed me here. The Great Spirit tells me to take care of The Tribes of the Moon, to feed them properly.’ The water says the same thing. The grass says the same thing. ‘Feed the Tribes well,’ the ground says, ‘the Great Spirit has placed me here to produce all that grows on me, trees and fruit.’ In the same way the ground says, ‘It was from me man was made.’

We, TheVampyre and Therian Tribes, proclaim our belief in the indivisibility of land and human existence-and history rode roughshod over our landscape. However, in the myths and ritual that continue to tell of its sacred past, the Earth lives on as the ultimate cosmic gift. It is this ultimate relationship that has led to the Tribes being stereotyped as close to nature. We are NOT close to nature, we ARE a part of nature, please get it right!

Big Thunder Speaks Of The Earth…
The Great Spirit is our Father, but the earth is our Mother. She nourishes us. What we put in the ground she gives back to us, and healing plants as well. If we are wounded, we go to our Mother and seek to lay the wounded part against her, to be healed. When we hunt…it is not our arrow that kills the moose, it is nature that kills him. The arrow sticks in his hide, and…he goes to our Mother to be healed by laying his wound against the earth, but this makes the arrow go further in.

Meanwhile, I follow him…Every time he stops and rubs his side the arrow is pushed in deeper. Evenrually I find him, he is exhausted, and the arrow is driven clean through his body.
~Bedagi, or Big Thunder, Wabanaki, 1900

For those of us who are truly vampyre or wolf or bear, or cat, or whatever your connection to our animal brothers and sisters is, it will behoove you to get your heads out of fantasy land. It will behoove you and our Great Mother, her from which we owe our lives and the lives of those we love, to stop searching for other realms of vampyre existence and understand the truth of your existence and of the world in which you reside.

All the truths of yourself and the world in which you live will be found in nature. They will be found in the embrace of our Mother. They will be found within but in order to understand what is within you must understand where it is you really come from, which is Mother Earth…NOT some made up vampire realm or from some role-playing/cosplay game! Try to understand why it is that everything we have ever needed to heal, to nourish, to provide for us, is found within nature, our nature, our earth, our Mother!

There is no “belief system” there is no “religion” which implies a formally structured spiritual life conducted alongside, but distinct from, everyday secular existence. In the lives of the true brothers and sisters of The tribes of the Moon societies the threads of ordinary life and spirituality are so tightly interwoven that the sacred and the secular are indistinguishable.

The land is filled with mystery and power-it has existed since the beginning of time and will last for as long as the people are there to tell the stories. So, get it right! Get your heads “out of the clouds,” and start really living your life as your true self. You and our Mother will be all the better for your honesty and introspection into reality.



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