Savage Beauty

13 Apr

Just a reminder…
Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013

Lust and our beautiful savage side:
Without launching into a high-sounding diatribe about the powers of lust and our latent savage side(in most people, some of have been embracing our savage side from birth ūüėČ ), the werewolf mirrors our animalistic alter-ego, the creature of the night we become when we are consumed with sensual passions, the transformation that is worked on even the most civilized of humans by sexual lust. Or some nice theory about the parallels between seduction or pursuit of a mate and the hunt, predation. Or even a flip comment about fur fetishes, doggie-style, and so, so‚Ķ

…My hunger has grown to unbearable cravings. To hunt you, find you, and tear out all your tenderness…to tear open your chest with my talons and eat your beating heart, consumes my body and soul.

This one thought keeps echoing in my head…fear prevents one from joining the fray of life, leaving only carrion while the brave carry off the choisest meats.

With that thought, I rise and howl. The hunt has begun…soon I will be drowsy and reveling in my blood-euphoria. The mere thought of my prey’s blood coursing through my body, being covered in their sanguine elixir…fucking my hunt then devouring them body and soul…is almost more than I can bare to think about without cum already dripping from my hot pussy.

Not yet…once more I go into the fray. Once more I hunt, devour, and become the glorious predator that nature has made…

I am a creature of the night. I am your most horrific nightmare and I am your most sensual dream.

I am on the prowl.

*Of course, now I only desire to hunt down my husband.



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