21 Apr

Property of DarkRose, 2013

I just woke up and wrote this for my incredible husband, Devoted Blood. Many of our friends and family know that we, DB and I, must spend much of our life together, physically separated. While that is true, having to be apart does nothing to hurt us, in fact, it makes our love stronger and far more enduring than most loves can or ever will be.

This is for you my ungodly hot and handsome husband...
angels embrace page

Oh, how I love to let the cruel day just slip away,
so my dark knight may watch over me.
Velvet darkness,
silent and true,
he embraces my heart and my soul…

I never cry,
I never die,
I never have to wonder why…
Always there,
always true,
my dark knight comes and dreams the night with me…

I have no fear,
when my knight draws near,
he fills me with all my dreams and desires.
Like a child asleep,
so warm, so deep,
is where you’ll find me,
waiting for him,
sound in my sleep,
wrapped in his broken wings…

We can fly,
we can paint the sky with our crimson love.
We don’t have to wonder why,
we will always be,
we will always see…
My dark knight comes and parts the veil with me…

Now the night wanes,
my only love,
my knight,
he has once again delivered me to the new day…
He is still holding me…
Oh sweet Nocturne.

~DarkRose (Julia Ray)

*The image is a drawing that I did for one of the original hardcoopy DRJ issues, many years ago. I know that I am not a very good artist, however, I feel that this illustration accurately depicts how my husband makes me feel every night.


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