29 Apr

Say hello to Adriel…

Adriel Cover

Adriel, whose shadowed veil suggests as much as it conceals.
Your lidded eyes, they tantalize, and from our own eyes lift the seals,
while boastful bawds and would-be gods, cry carnival comraderie.
Your silent smile and knowing wiles,
to but a few, sing,
“come to me.”
Those seeking crowns or willing clowns,
may pass you by,
and welcome to beneath your wings are no such things.
Nor in their hearts a place for you.
But those who yearn to grow and learn,
and then in turn make all things whole,
find in your grace their mirrored face,
the power of a Vampyres soul.


This is my own original artwork. This is Adriel. She use to be the “sigil” for my Vampyre House (Sable Brahmin). While everyone else was (is) using ankhs and making up their own “vampire runes”…I created a Dark Angel of grace, intellect, magic and beauty. Being a living Vampyre is NOT about what symbol/sigil/rune you wear…it is about connecting with your true Vampyre within.  Adriel is the physical manifestation for what resides within me…


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