I Will Never Do What You Think I Should…

13 May



I’m not sure why so much of what I say and do sends so many over the edge, including my friends and family.

I will tell you this…I will never stop saying what I know needs to be said, I will never back down, I will never stop living the life that Mother Nature, in her wisdom, gave me.

Sometimes you have to go over the edge to find out who you really are. Keep sending your hatred, negativity, treachery, ignorance and fear to me. I don’t mind at all, truly I don’t. Every moment that you spend on hating me and trying to destroy me, I will spend on consuming your negativity, transforming it and sending it back to you as beauty, truth and wisdom.

I cannot forsake you. I am not a martyr, nor am I a saint. I am a Dark Angel, this is what my purpose is. My path is so very clear. I have been helping people to save themselves my entire life. The more you fight against me and spew your vile fear born out of your ignorance at me, the more I will embrace you and hold you within the Darklight of my Vampyre heart.

All your deception, treachery, hatred, and fear, just strengthens me and makes me want to hold on tighter to the dream of helping you save yourselves. I’m not going anywhere, ever…

I will never do what it is you want me to. I will always do what it is in my nature to do. I know who I am, I have always known.

All the things you have done to me…Your threats, nasty letters, emails, kidnappings, violence, and whatever else you choose to do to me, will never stop me and my legacy…I WILL NEVER BACK DOWN! I pay a price, and I will keep paying…NO REGRETS!

When you are ready, come to me, I will show you the world in a different light…



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