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A Simple Truth

30 Aug


If I claim to be a wise woman, then surely that means that I am not.

If I claim to have the answers, then surely that means I do not.

I only know what I have lived, that’s all any of us can truly know.

I only write, talk about, and continue to live what I know.

I am always becoming, I never stagnate, therefore I will always know more today than I did yesterday.

*Me, at the age of 17. I just had my oldest son, after being raped and forced by my adoptive “father” to marry my rapist!!! Yep, this is me not knowing anything but pain, but I sure as hell was on my way to learning that one must always be learning and that those who label themselves wise and Elder and mother/father of all, those who know everything…simply do/are not.

~Julia DarkRose



30 Aug

This will absolutely NEVER be on my headstone….

Julia DarkRose Ray
*She allowed herself to be a victim, she went down without a fight.*



Coffin Photo…

30 Aug

LoL, I had to really put my foot down in order for this cheesy shot NOT to be taken…obviously I didn’t throw a big enough tantrum, 😉

Thank you Barcroft USA Productions….My photographer/Director was/is a really awesome guy, he must be to get me to agree to this kind of shot!


The Surprise of Being

30 Aug


The Surprise of Being

Every flower has its secret…

As you see it standing growing from the earth, clinging to its vine, or swaying on the tree,
You feel at once its sensual beauty…
Those pink articulate lips
Divinely flavoured portals to a mouth
Where soul dissolves…eyes darting, black as midnight
Beneath ebon brows, snares for the heart,
The twin rosebuds, fair beyond other flowers.
So sweet there is no tongue can praise her enough,
To be satiated with just one taste.
The candied perfume her breath affords,
No rosary, those silly beads,
or nunnery or crucifix,
or liars be,
can tear her ruby born petals away.
At once you hunger for her moist centre.

There was always the flower that flowered inward, womb-ward;
It was always a secret.
That’s how it should be, they said,
The eternal feminine should always be a secret,
a veiled truth.

Then, under the ruminating gaze of the
luminous moon,
A tiny rosebud awakened…

For her, there never was standing inferior and folded on a bough
like the other flowers,
In a revelation of petals;
Silver-pink peach,
venetian glass of medlars and sorb-apples,
Shallow wine-cups on short, bulging stems
openly pledging to the celestial heavens:

‘Here’s to the thorn in flower!’
‘Here is to utterance!’
So said the brave, adventurous dark rose.

Oh, how the fruits fall and bruise,
the other flowers wither from the light,
Touched by a swallowed moon.
But for the valiant rose,
there were other incandescent nights-
And at once,
as she acknowledged her Being,
all were singing their song of freedom:
The moonlight musical,
The darkness clinging,
And she, the first rose,
remained ever vigilant and devoted to
her garden of nighttime blooming flowers.

~Copyright 2013, Julia DarkRose

“I Believe”

30 Aug



“I Believe”

Oh, I believe alright…

I feel no need for any other faith than my faith in human beings. Like Confucius of old, I am so absorbed in the wonder of earth and the life upon it that I choose to not even contemplate the absurdity, the idea of there really being a biblical “Heaven” and “Angels” or any other invisible world and invisible beings. What is seen, touched, felt, what is already inside of me, what already hath been created by nature, is far greater, far more miraculous than any made up plane of existence that may or may not be outside of myself and our universe. I have enough for this life. If there is no other life, then this one has been enough (because I choose to live my life to the fullest) to make it worth being born, myself a human being.

*For me, there is no bondage. For me, there is only freedom, because I choose for it to be, I choose, not “them”. I am in absolute control of how I think and the actions I choose. I have never and I will never look without for my power. I will never give gratitude to an invisible being for that which I have cultivated from within, for that which is my power created by my own will…never by an invisible being. No gods/goddesses have power over me or are responsible for that which I am. I am truly free. I answer to the only person who has any real power over me…myself.

As always, I speak for myself only.
~Julia DarkRose

Glass Coffin

27 Aug


When you decide (if you decide) that it is time to remove the shackles that you have willingly bound yourself with…

Just reach within, remove your key (the one that you were born with), unlock your chains and open the lid to your glass coffin!

Step out of your glass prison, take your first real breath (in probably a very long time), and choose to leave your self-imposed unnatural death behind, inside of your glass coffin…

You do not have to do what “they” tell you. You do not have to believe what “they” tell you to believe…you have always had the power to become, to continuously become who your are suppose to be!

After you venture out of your self-imposed prison…
we will be waiting for you…
If you so desire…freedom of thought, dark wisdom, joy, beauty, and love, are just a click away…

The air is so much better outside of their lies…

I Am My Home…

27 Aug



Hell Yeah!!!! I’m driving at the very end of dusk, in the hard rain, with all my windows rolled down, the wind and rain assaulting my hair and face, and the Scorpions playing ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ on my cassette stereo!!!! Who needs cement, wood and dry wall to have a home! Not me! My home has always been wherever I am! I have never had a house to call my home. I don’t need mortar and stone to find out where I belong, to find out where I’m most comfortable, to find my heart, my home….all these things and more have always been with me, inside of me, a part of me. Sure, being homeless (with kids) most of my life has something to do with my attitude. I embrace every “negative” thing life has and own it!!!! I am always home, no matter where I roam, for I am my home! I am so happy right now.

Yes, it will be good to get back into my apartment, after the fire almost 3 weeks go, but that is for my youngest son’s sake….I am in my own dark heaven.

~Julia DarkRose

*No pic of me driving my car with the rain and wind assaulting me (yet), but here is a photo of the wind caressing me. For a visual, of course.

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