The Poisoned Apple

26 Aug



Oh how very, very, very, sad it is, when someone (like many in the V communities, for example) has a life that is so lacking of everything, that the hole in their mind and spirit is greater than an eternal abyss, that they need to pay such close attention to another persons life (like me, for example), forsaking their own evolution….

Here is an idea….


You claim to be “free” and to be “awakened”…yet your very actions show the complete opposite. My post is not to hurt you and make you eat more poisoned apples…no, no, my post is to remind you that you have the power to stop eating society’s poison fruit any time you so choose….

We, the true Tribes of the Crimson Moon, will welcome you to our family of real dark wisdom and beauty. All you have to do is choose to stop being a victim of yourself. If you don’t want to come play with us, that’s cool too…just try choosing real freedom, you might like it.

~Julia DarkRose


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