A Simple Truth

30 Aug


If I claim to be a wise woman, then surely that means that I am not.

If I claim to have the answers, then surely that means I do not.

I only know what I have lived, that’s all any of us can truly know.

I only write, talk about, and continue to live what I know.

I am always becoming, I never stagnate, therefore I will always know more today than I did yesterday.

*Me, at the age of 17. I just had my oldest son, after being raped and forced by my adoptive “father” to marry my rapist!!! Yep, this is me not knowing anything but pain, but I sure as hell was on my way to learning that one must always be learning and that those who label themselves wise and Elder and mother/father of all, those who know everything…simply do/are not.

~Julia DarkRose


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