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The Journey

30 Sep

This is the story of my journey of becoming and Being, as told through prose.
The Journey

By DarkRose

Copyright 1996

The ever constant wind is my breath.

 The vast icy sea is my blood.

 The firm palatial land is my body.

 The perennial nighttime blossom reflects my eternal beauty.

 The suffering and hatred, the hope and love of humanity nourishes me.

 The blanket of truth and wisdom keeps me warm.

 The hedonistic carnality of mankind excites and satisfies my mortal senses.

 The great tree of knowledge shades me from the harsh, unforgiving light, and provides a home for me when I am weary of life.

 I journey alone, into the light of Darkness.

 Who am I?

 For a moment I wonder.

 While lost, I sit and ponder.

 I quickly recover as the night winds begin to sing my name, and the turbulent seas wash away my mortal’s pain.

 I find an Immortals peace as the dark rose scratches me with her sharp thorns, and caresses me with her soft fragrant petals.

 I feel Dark love as the great abyss opens up and embraces me.

 Then from the great void of energy, my eternally Dark soul is reborn.

 Once again, I descend upon this Universe.

 I hunt.

 I devour.

I teach and I love.

 I am the eternal predator.

 I am your most erotic dream and your most horrific nightmare.

 I am your Angel of Darkness.

 I am forever.


The DarkRose Journal

30 Sep



30 Sep

Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 4/2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
*Excerpt from Issue 2 of The DarkRose Journal New Ezine Edition


You’re looking for that breath of life,
you just need one more touch,
a little sensation of that Divine rush…
And then you’ll believe,
oh how you will believe then,
from your heart down to your weary feet,
no longer feeling that you’re losing mind.
You keep looking for just one more
taste of the sublime,
braving the dark, in the misunderstood night,
mistrusting the silent moonlight,
you look up into the belly of your lying beast,
you scream up into your Heaven…

“I’m not losing my mind,
I was just looking for a breath of life,
trying to find my dreams again,
a little sight of the beginning and the end,
a fleeting vision of the stars and the glittering air,
a dream of the All from the Nothing.”

Oh, oh, oh, oh,
all you need is one more touch,
one more sweet caress,
just one more sensation of a Divine rush,
just one more breath of life.

Oh and then you’ll believe,
oh my, how you will believe then…

You say you just need your heart to bleed,
to beat in time with the thunder, one more time.
You say you just need your eyes to cry tears,
that cascade down the banality of your creviced face,
like the silky rain,
of a deathless life.
You need to dance with the wind again,
but your heart is a hollow place,
and for you the wind no longer blows through your soul,
the thunder has stopped crashing through your mind,
and the cleansing rain simply slides off of your numb flesh.
For you, the moon reveals no secrets, she is silent.

Oh, oh, oh…
you’ll never find a breath of life,
you’ll never taste that Divine rush,
you’ll never have just one more touch…
Oh oh, oh…

If you just breathe out the distorted fable of nirvana’s gleam,
and inhale the Devil back in,
to dance with you once again,
under his ruby moon,
you’ll search no more for a breath of life…

Oh, oh, oh, oh,
you will finally be the breath of ALL life.

Adored Night

30 Sep
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
Night, oh adored night…
When the harsh, unforgiving words of the desolate day fade,
and the beauty of the mysterious Witching Hour, comes alive…
When the destructive division of day is done
and all that is truly important becomes whole and requisite again…

The dead of night…
when people reassemble their fragmentary selves
and shift into a consummate Being.

Old School

30 Sep
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
*This is an old school (traditional) vampire fiction excerpt from the upcoming Big Halloween Issue of The DarkRose Journal Ezine…

Untitled (at the moment)

We awoke to twilight seen through stained glass angels. The scent of weeping marble and long dead roses fill our inearthed lungs. The scratch of twigs on stone and the applause of tumbling leaves signal our rising. A coffin creaks and foot falls echo. Two sharp tooth smiles and the clasp of cold hands ignite the night’s fire. A squeal and scrape of rusty metal hinges expands our languished hearts. Eyes close against the slight chill of the eventide and lungs fill with sweet Autumn decayed air. Looks are exchanged but no words are spoken. Each knows the others mind. The city hums in the distance as lights wink on. Shapes only we can see sweep past headstones in mute greeting. A snap of velvet and sigh of satin falls on our sharp ears. Evening falls. Our night has begun.

We are Vampyre…

I see her standing in the orange glow of the October moonlight, her gossamer dress exposing her shoulders. I approach from behind on silent footsteps guided by her will o’ wisp skin.

I put my arm around her waist moving upwards to my loves heaving breasts. A sigh escapes her ruddy lips as I grasp a hardening nipple. With my other hand I brush her raven tresses off her shoulder and pulled it down sharply to bare her alabaster neck. My hot breath creates a dew in the cool Fall air on her tender flesh. She pushes herself back into me and runs her taloned hand down my leg. Opening wide with gleaming canines, I see her lick the tips of her fangs with the tip of her tongue, emitting clouds of vapor in little bursts. I bite her just a little, as my DarkRose digs her razor sharp claws into my leg.

Not just yet my sweet Dark Angel, say I, the night is still so very young. She relaxes, momentarily. The moon shines over the tombstones. A startled rat looks up as the shadow of two bats play over his face.

The night is now our night, it completely belongs to us and our beastly inferno that flames our undead essence.

Daughters of Earth

23 Sep
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
Daughters of Earth

Now the deadly frost has touched the ground,
And turned its fertile flesh to bone,
I, now, bring you to life again:
I break the soil and spade it fine,
I gather it, pot it, take it in
To soften by my fire’s flame;
Anointing it with fresh water then,
Breathe its breath, and name its name:

Daughters of Earth
Arise and live:
I break the frost
And open thy grave.

Thunder my anger,
Lightning my might:
I take you in
Over wind and night,
To serve me, you true Mother,
To save me as well,
To harm nothing under my knowing sight.

Sun, rain,
Cloud, and snow,
I rise up
And over you go-
To bend my way,
To serve me night and day.

Time is truth
Time is sand
Time run true
For you, my earthly daughters,
From my own hand:
For dark-love
For dark-joy
For dark-pain
For darkness’ own sweet death…

We, my daughters and I,
Are the spire of gold,
The willow green,
The silver snake,
The scarlet queen,
The seven stars,
The solid chain.

We are now,
Breath and Substance
Risen twice,
Death and issue,
Double face,
Phoenix fire,
Burning feather,
Fly and flower
All together…

My dearest Daughters of Darkness,
We are the thicket secret,
Airy and light,
Horns of velvet,
Feathers many,
green as water,
red as flame-
We shed thy blood
And sign our names.

My Sweet Familiar

23 Sep
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 1990
By DarkRose
*So many people read mass marketed books about “witchcraft” yet truly have no clue what it actually is and how to truly live the Craft (not the movie). Like most traditions that are sacred and not for sale, true Witchery is passed through oral tradition and usually born in the blood. The following names of Familiars will not be found on the New Age shelves in B&N or on the cyber shelves of Amazon….

My Sweet Familiar

Oh my dearest pets who abide
and watch at my side,
My cause to befriend,
My will to attend,
My arts to approve,
My ills to remove,
Must serve and be mute-
But give you delight
By learning with care
The names that you bear:

‘Ninx’ is the Fish
And ‘Wix’ is the Bat,
‘Pibbit’ the Mouse
And ‘Leppin’ the Rat,
‘Lurit’ the Finch,
‘Oxpictas’ the Owl,
“Scridee’ the Sparrow,
‘Runipia’ the Fowl,
‘Quist’ is the Beetle
And ‘Crope’ is the Mole,
‘Yim’ the Opossum
And ‘Sylog’ the Snail,
‘Jalp’ is the Pig,
‘Pronocaspo’ the Deer,
‘Ircis’ the Otter,
‘Iltorep’ the Bear,
‘Jubbin’ the Toad
And ‘Morling’ the Frog,
‘Ninkip’ the Cat
And ‘Malop’ the Dog,
‘Smeth’ is the Fly
And ‘Sordoxo’ the Stoat,
‘Galosty’ the Lamb,
‘Hurathixet the Goat.

I address you as these
If your ears I would please.

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