Our Real History

4 Sep


Hello Dark Angel Family.

After finally getting some sleep (after about a week of no sleep), I have decided to learn my lesson…

Since it has been made abundantly clear to me that most in the Vampire “Community” have no desire to learn the actual truth of our history or they simply just do not care, I will only share the true history (with factual evidence to back up everything that I share with you. For I come from the real Vampire Underground. We did not permit liars, fakes, posers, in the Underground. You HAD to prove that you were a real living vampire.) with my family.

If you are a part of the DarkRose Journal Family, please feel free to read and comment and research all about the history of the modern Vampire community as well as the real history of our lineage, for we do have one.

It is true, there is something in the blood.

Like I stated previously, I have learned my lesson. I apologize for bringing unnecessary drama to our Family. Please forgive me.

For those Family members who are interested in our history (for learning about our history will give you a better understanding and help us move forward in a positive direction), please visit the DRJ Website:, start on the Forums Page. I am currently working on adding a Real Living Vampyre History page to the website. Since I am still homeless at the moment and do not have access to all my documents, letters, books and official papers, I will create the History page with what I have already transcribed or scanned into my laptop.

I sincerely hope that any who decide to research and find out our true history of the modern Vampire Community as well as our true lineage, will find something positive within this bit of Vampyre history.

Thank you.

~Julia DarkRose


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