Closing Thoughts

23 Sep
Excerpt From Issue 3 of The DarkRose Journal…
Copyright 2013
Property of DarkRose Productions
Closing Thoughts
By Julia DarkRose Ray

We must be brave. I have died every day waiting for you. I have loved you, my family, for a thousand years, I will love you forevermore. Every breath, every hour has come to this…

Please don’t ever be afraid. All along I believed that I would find you. I always choose to go through the unknown door first…you don’t ever need to be afraid, truly….

Some people walk out in the sunlight. Some people never get wet when it rains (too bad and so very sad for them). Some people seemingly glitter like the brilliant diamond. Some people walk in front of everyone else and allow those blinded by their glare to throw rose petals upon the ground for them to walk on, for surely the ground of our precious Mother is not good enough. Some people walk so far ahead of those they claim to care about…

that they are unable to see those dark angels who are living in the shadows and shade provided by the Great Dark Mother and Father…

picking up all the broken pieces of those poor, lied to, deceived souls, until they bleed, and even then, they continue to pick up the pieces…
no matter how much hate and revulsion is spewed upon their beautiful being.

Thank you Dark Angels.

The DarkRose Journal exists for you…

We are only alone if we choose to perceive it that way…I am hated and reviled by most, yet I have never felt more alive, more loved, a more truer sense of myself…
I’m looking out my window into your world…even though I have to venture out into your light obscured, hypocritical, hate-filled, ignorant world….I do so wrapped in my armor of beautiful, dark truth. I am a black knight, alone in my sable forest, yet I am surrounded and filled with a most powerfully bright darklight. I am never truly alone, for I am borne of stardust and truth. I am the begotten daughter of the universe. I am all and all resides within me.

‘Too Late’

While you wait for the napkin, the soup gets cold,
While you’re waiting for your tiara to sparkle,
the face grows old,
When you’ve matched your buttons, the
pattern is sold,
And everything for you, comes too late–too late.

You exist, but a world has passed away
With the years that perished to make
you finally understand what it is to live.

Oh my, you poor clueless being,
See how your achievement today is
only tomorrow’s confusion;
See how your possession has
cheapened the thing that was precious…

The wreckage wrought from your spiritual slavery,
from your indifference to your apathetic nature,
is fast growing a fungus crop of empty conviction.

It is, for you, children of the jaded daybreak,
…too late.


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