My Sweet Familiar

23 Sep
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 1990
By DarkRose
*So many people read mass marketed books about “witchcraft” yet truly have no clue what it actually is and how to truly live the Craft (not the movie). Like most traditions that are sacred and not for sale, true Witchery is passed through oral tradition and usually born in the blood. The following names of Familiars will not be found on the New Age shelves in B&N or on the cyber shelves of Amazon….

My Sweet Familiar

Oh my dearest pets who abide
and watch at my side,
My cause to befriend,
My will to attend,
My arts to approve,
My ills to remove,
Must serve and be mute-
But give you delight
By learning with care
The names that you bear:

‘Ninx’ is the Fish
And ‘Wix’ is the Bat,
‘Pibbit’ the Mouse
And ‘Leppin’ the Rat,
‘Lurit’ the Finch,
‘Oxpictas’ the Owl,
“Scridee’ the Sparrow,
‘Runipia’ the Fowl,
‘Quist’ is the Beetle
And ‘Crope’ is the Mole,
‘Yim’ the Opossum
And ‘Sylog’ the Snail,
‘Jalp’ is the Pig,
‘Pronocaspo’ the Deer,
‘Ircis’ the Otter,
‘Iltorep’ the Bear,
‘Jubbin’ the Toad
And ‘Morling’ the Frog,
‘Ninkip’ the Cat
And ‘Malop’ the Dog,
‘Smeth’ is the Fly
And ‘Sordoxo’ the Stoat,
‘Galosty’ the Lamb,
‘Hurathixet the Goat.

I address you as these
If your ears I would please.


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