30 Sep

Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 4/2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
*Excerpt from Issue 2 of The DarkRose Journal New Ezine Edition


You’re looking for that breath of life,
you just need one more touch,
a little sensation of that Divine rush…
And then you’ll believe,
oh how you will believe then,
from your heart down to your weary feet,
no longer feeling that you’re losing mind.
You keep looking for just one more
taste of the sublime,
braving the dark, in the misunderstood night,
mistrusting the silent moonlight,
you look up into the belly of your lying beast,
you scream up into your Heaven…

“I’m not losing my mind,
I was just looking for a breath of life,
trying to find my dreams again,
a little sight of the beginning and the end,
a fleeting vision of the stars and the glittering air,
a dream of the All from the Nothing.”

Oh, oh, oh, oh,
all you need is one more touch,
one more sweet caress,
just one more sensation of a Divine rush,
just one more breath of life.

Oh and then you’ll believe,
oh my, how you will believe then…

You say you just need your heart to bleed,
to beat in time with the thunder, one more time.
You say you just need your eyes to cry tears,
that cascade down the banality of your creviced face,
like the silky rain,
of a deathless life.
You need to dance with the wind again,
but your heart is a hollow place,
and for you the wind no longer blows through your soul,
the thunder has stopped crashing through your mind,
and the cleansing rain simply slides off of your numb flesh.
For you, the moon reveals no secrets, she is silent.

Oh, oh, oh…
you’ll never find a breath of life,
you’ll never taste that Divine rush,
you’ll never have just one more touch…
Oh oh, oh…

If you just breathe out the distorted fable of nirvana’s gleam,
and inhale the Devil back in,
to dance with you once again,
under his ruby moon,
you’ll search no more for a breath of life…

Oh, oh, oh, oh,
you will finally be the breath of ALL life.


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