The Journey

30 Sep

This is the story of my journey of becoming and Being, as told through prose.
The Journey

By DarkRose

Copyright 1996

The ever constant wind is my breath.

 The vast icy sea is my blood.

 The firm palatial land is my body.

 The perennial nighttime blossom reflects my eternal beauty.

 The suffering and hatred, the hope and love of humanity nourishes me.

 The blanket of truth and wisdom keeps me warm.

 The hedonistic carnality of mankind excites and satisfies my mortal senses.

 The great tree of knowledge shades me from the harsh, unforgiving light, and provides a home for me when I am weary of life.

 I journey alone, into the light of Darkness.

 Who am I?

 For a moment I wonder.

 While lost, I sit and ponder.

 I quickly recover as the night winds begin to sing my name, and the turbulent seas wash away my mortal’s pain.

 I find an Immortals peace as the dark rose scratches me with her sharp thorns, and caresses me with her soft fragrant petals.

 I feel Dark love as the great abyss opens up and embraces me.

 Then from the great void of energy, my eternally Dark soul is reborn.

 Once again, I descend upon this Universe.

 I hunt.

 I devour.

I teach and I love.

 I am the eternal predator.

 I am your most erotic dream and your most horrific nightmare.

 I am your Angel of Darkness.

 I am forever.


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