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27 Oct



Pure Dark-Joy

26 Oct
For me, the goal is not to be beautiful, revered, or to be put on a pedestal. It is pure, dark joy-to feel healthy and strong and personally powerful (within myself not over others) and useful and fulfilled and intelligent and in true deep, dark-love. It’s about creating joy within that reaches outward to my children, my family(blood and spiritual), and friends.

I have reached my goal, there is such sweet dark-joy in my life now.

I will only from this moment forward, reach higher than myself, become better than I already am or even know that I can be.

I am pure dark-joy.

~Julia DarkRose Ray

Aborted by the Light

26 Oct
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
Not trying to bring anyone down during this most glorious of seasons. If my prose does bring you down (for anyone with a true Dark Angel’s heart, should feel the sadness of the truth in my prose), I do apologize if I my words bring you down from a glorious Halloween (Samhain) high. Still, I had to post this.

Before anyone honors me with reading my newest prose (written very quickly at a rest stop off the interstate, lol), please be aware that this prose is written in layers. What will seem like the obvious subject of this piece (to most people) is not what it is really about. And on that note, I would NEVER judge a woman on what she feels she needs to do with her own body and life. Thank you.

Aborted By the Light

Tell me, how does it feel
My daylight child to be unborn?
What can you see through your god’s eyes,
And is he on your side?
How does it feel my human child
To be unborn?

The caged brood are able to kill without regret.
To so easily kill and forget,
Able to kill even their unborn and not mourn,
Oh children of the daylight fire,
You throw your fetuses to the floor,
Just waste, just flesh,
No, nothing more…
Just a meal for an alley cat,
Or a hungry dog, or a sewer rat…
Then you go on without regret,
You just go on…

How does it feel my human child
To be unborn,
So pure, pristine, and a virgin
To the evils of your religious word,
Would you believe that your holy man
Can call you a sinner before your first breath?
How does it feel my ‘sinner’ child
To be unborn?
You, the daylight herd sees life
As a terminal disease,
You believe that death is your only guarantee.
You kill yourselves trying to find a cure,
And you go on..

You quietly pray to your god
To save you from the truth.
To blind your soul,
You pray to your god,
“Please never show my true face.”
You come to this world asleep,
You pray for your Lord,
Your soul to keep,
Then you’ll go on without regret…

You never knew you were gone,
You never even really
Knew you were here at all…

You rape, kill, and abuse
Out of your misplaced fear…
And still,
You go on without regret…

How does it feel my child of the false light
To be stillborn,
To never see all the wondrous things
Of our world that for you will never be…
Are you saved by death
Or are you just an early casualty?
You’ve taken needless, make-believe pain
For so long,
When it’s gone,
You think something’s wrong,
Then you bring it back again…

You silently mouth,
You don’t want your child to see
You this way,
Lost in your life of disarray,
So you throw your fetuses to the floor,
Choosing to remember nothing more…

But it doesn’t really equate
Just another bloody mess
In the hands of your imagined fate,
Oh my, no…

You and the rest of the children have been aborted
By the Light.

~Julia DarkRose Ray


26 Oct

Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2012
By Julia DarkRose Ray

*This prose is written cryptically. Do your best to decipher its meaning, if you so desire. Writing in “code” is one of my favorite techniques. If it is annoying to some, then just don’t read it. But come on, a slight challenge for your noggin is always a good thing.


Lower than the grave
my darklight began,
into the starry heavens
soon I ran:
Here between earth
and space I shine,
my fallen dust
the twin to thine…
Star that I was,
star that I am,
star I shall ever be,
my name is woman.

While you see me across the sky
to wake and live and burn and die,
all in a crimson flash,
eternity watches me fall.
My trail of fire, no fire of the sun’s,
my star, a silver mirror,
a sphere, clear as glass,
my veiled face, a bright cloud,
more radiant for it’s obscurity,
my mystery, whose shadow
stands proud beneath the light,
my world, whose lands remain
unknown to most,
while I shinest most evident of all
beyond this world:

I reveal to you now
all that is obscure and hidden under day’s illusion;
I reveal to you the nature of all that you see,
set so far from earthly lands,
above earthly sight;
I appear to you now
in this crystal of fleshly stardust…

If you will have Antares,
scarlet sting of Scorpius,
or count for wealth, Capella,
gold-fleeced goat,
or Rigel, fire of sapphire,
pivot to Orion’s pace,
or Sirius his dog,
as white as snow,
yet flashing every color,
then come and find the darklight
you seek.
Mirrored in the red water,
break the wet glass,
pluck out my star
by my radiant tresses…

But do not dare
to look upon my stardusted face,
do not dare to know truth,
lest you go blind;
Bear me only in your mind.

A shuddering star,
I shiver and burst
on the moons white horn,
on this flashing sphere,
this globe of rainbows…
streaming air,
turbid world,
trembling planet,
great as what’s inside your head,
but thin as a thread
that wind can tear
from your precious life’s web,
do not despair…
Let this be said:

Out of the sun
you are ever born,
follow it not, that blinding orb,
with anxious eye…
With my words of midnight silk
and actions of dark love,
I will hold it together,
your web of life,
though what we have created,
may fall,
in tears,
like meteors,
from the sky.

I am the darklight…

I am borne from stardust…
Like falling glitter from the eye of the universe,
down, down, down,
unto this Earth.

I am woman,
the darkest light of all.

~Julia DarkRose Ray



24 Oct
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 1995
This little diddy is straight from Issue 4 of the original hard copy ‘The DarkRose journal’, via the year 1995.

I first saw her there, on the edge of the light.
She lived her life on the edge of the night.
She called to me, “Come, be set free.”
And I swear, the moon turned red–
“Open your eyes and try,” she said.
Her eyes were as deep as the night was long,
Her smile was sweet, and her will was strong.
“Come,” she bade, “don’t be afraid.”
And the blood ran to my head–
“Open your arms and feel,” she said.

Her touch was sure, and her breath was hot.
Her voice, demure–but her words were not.
Her nails dug in, went through the skin,
And the side of her breast ran red–
“Open your mouth and drink,” she said.

So now they look at me, and point and stare,
They say things as if I wouldn’t care.
Their prejudice shown against the unknown,
So afraid for their hate to be shed–
“Open your minds, and see,” I said.

Den of Crimson Desire

24 Oct


Hello beautiful Tribe of the Crimson Moon, this is me looking at you…;-)

Because it’s probably not evident to most reading my prose,’Den of Crimson Desire,’ I wrote this based on my experiences as a member of several blood dens, including my own Vampyre Court (The Dark Court) from the 1990’s and early 21st century. I was a member of a den in Louisiana and Florida. Yes, they really exist. Many blood dens, at least before the onset of the OVC/VC, quite often employed burlesque dancers as entertainment. It’s not like you can ask directions or Google Map them. You HAVE to be invited. Again, a part of the real world of living vampires. So, maybe my prose might make more sense to some of you. As always, thank you for taking a few minutes out of your cyber life to read my hard won words of experience. I do very much appreciate it.

One last thing…while this is prose, I am, like aI do all of my prose, writinfg grom my actual experiences. Some prose that I write is more metaphorical and some is heavily coded, while there are still some of my works that are written pretty straight forward. If you have questions, or do not understand what I have written, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I do not need anymore people reading my work and jumping to unfounded conclusions without first even bothering to ask me about what I have written. Again, thank you.
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray

Den of Crimson Desire

Sublime pale buttocks
Veiled in sparkling beads,
Enticing the compelling hazy rub.
Of colliding eyes…No concealing here:
The night tribes one brazen, sweating declaration.
And while stocking clad legs waken potpourri in the brain
You pick your raven-tressed
Goddess out adeptly through the smoke.
Always you wait for someone else though, always-
(Then rush the nearest exit through the crimson vapor).

Always and last, before the final sanguine union
When all the scarlet passion drumfires,
Begins a thundering scrimmage
With a somewhere violin,
Some deepest, bloodied echo of them all-begins.

And shall we call her whiter than snow?
Sprayed first with ruby, then with emerald sheen-
Least tearful and least glad
(Who knows her smile?)
An entangled crouch reveals her raw between.

Her eyes exist in the swelling of her breasts,
Blood-soaked beads whip her hips,
A drench of whirling strands.
Her snake rings begin to mount,
Conquering each other-
Silver delusion on tinseled hands.

We cease that writhing red lagoon,
Her glittering beads unstrung,
–All but her belly
buried in the floor;
And the libertine thrash
Of a final muted beat!
We feel her spasm through a fleshless door…

Yet to the empty trapeze of her flesh,
O, bleeding creature, each comes back to die alone.

Then you, the burlesque of our lust–and faith,
Deliver us back lifeward–
Bone by infant bone.

~Julia DarkRose Ray

Liars Glory, Evil Ghosts, and Putrid Ghouls…

23 Oct
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray

*Before you honor me by reading my prose, I just need to forewarn you that it is filled with cryptic jabs at those false prophets that have pilfered your spirits, heart, minds, and pocket books, for far too long! The truth should be free. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t understand the cryptic words, just as long as you enjoy the prose.

Liars Glory, Evil Ghosts, and Putrid Ghouls:
The Tribe’s Coming For You

Now earth is earth
And earth is air
And earth is water
And earth is fire:
Let all go into thee
And all be thine
Let all arise from thee
And then be mine…

Oh luminous halo,
Crescent be full
And crystal fill:
Thus my eye,
My spirit and my heart,
And thus my will…

Scarab of the golden orb
Sweet death is now yours
New life has begun…

With oak I lead
That ash may follow
Also alder
Elm and willow
Cedar and locust
Hickory, larch,
Walnut, chestnut
Poplar, birch,
Beech and maple
Fir and pine:
All these powers
so be mine.

The dimness be lightened
The harsh be softened
The rank be sweetened
By the power of my divine…

North, South, East, West…
Spider’s web shall bind
The charlatans best.
East, West, north, South…
Hold their limbs and stop
Their mouth
Seal their eyes and
Choke their breath
Wrap them round with
Ropes of the true death.

White of bone
Dark of shade
Of dust and night
Spiritual death is made,
Death myself
Death my peer,
What I hold
I do not fear.
So bone to flesh
And sun to shadow
Death my dear
I give thee life,
To dissolve the false darkness
And the corrupted Light…

Bone to flesh
Shadow reborn
As death is mine,
It bears me life,
And confounds the deceptive hordes.

Flesh of Ebon Light
Born of death and Darkness,
Give my will
Thy life and breath
Whither dry and shrink to dust
My heart and spirit
Shall feed upon
Their lying crust.
Oh you faithless,
Deceptive breed,
Your flight is now stayed
Your false wings bound,
Our cloud of fire
Cast thee back into the ground…

My spirit is a dark fire.
My spirit is eternal.
My spirit is one spirit–
The spirit of the Tribes of the Moon.
And our spirit holds the fire of the Cosmos.
Breathe here and now with me,
And so shall the universe breathe,
And of our own breath
Shall all and all and all,
be made anew.

~Julia DarkRose Ray

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